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A [b]splatbook[/b] or "splat" is a supplement which specializes in the creation of a particular type or class of character. The concept originated with the original World of Darkness play lines, for which for each subtype of WoD monster received their own splatbook. This model was adopted enthusiastically by d20 system publishers, focusing on single classes or a group of related classes, or specific races.

The term may come from the punctuation mark between the last names of Mark Rein•Hagen, a prolific author of these books, which was allegedly called a "splat" by members of the White Wolf production staff. An alternate derivation is the old typesetting name for an asterisk, which denotes a wild card in computing and was used in place of the various names for character types (clans, tribes, et c.) in the White Wolf games. Another possibility is that "splat" was the sound that the mainly soft-cover books made when they were dropped onto a table.

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