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RPGG Guide to Data Entry

This is the RPGG Guide to Data Entry, mainly serving as gateway to the individual pages dealing with specific topics. This should help you deal with most, if not all questions that might arise when you want to add information to the RPGGeek database.

If you need help or have questions about any of this, please post to our forums: RPGGeek Help and How-To

Images, videos, GeekMod

Submissions of images, videos, reviews, and session reports are not handled by admins. Instead they are moderated by the user base. See GeekMod for more details.


We have a special set of Award Microbadges (not for general purchase) for uploading entries at the RPG geek. The following formula is used to determine total entries:
RPGs + RPG Items + Periodicals + Issues + Series + Settings + (0.25 Item & Issue Versions) + (0.1 for Issue Articles)

There are currently six official thresholds for RPG award badges:

mb for 10 Entries (Copper)
mb for 25 Entries (Silver)
mb for 50 Entries (Gold)
mb for 100 Entries (Platinum)
mb for 200 Entries (Herculean)
mb for 500 Entries (Ultimate) - (This will also net you a place in the RPG Geek Hall of Fame)
mb for 10,000 Entries (Unobtanium) (Awarded to two users)

These awards are automated by the system and are given out once per day.

Other info

Database Structure gives on overview for the curious what types of elements the database holds. You don't need to know this for data entry.

The previous version of the guide can still be found under Concise Guide to Data Entry and the Guide to Data Entry. Most changes were cosmetical.

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