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When you look at any post on our system, you will see a little block of thumbs, geekgold (tips) and a red-X where you can mark the post for violation.

Person: RPG Geek (Promotional Images)

What do you do if you don't like a particular post? Mostly ignore it. Or respond politely (keeping in mind that we value all opinions on all aspects of roleplaying). If you find a post particularly distasteful you can press the little red X button. When you do, you'll see:

Person: RPG Geek (Promotional Images)

You can use this to simply hide the post for your account. This is a personal choice and does not affect other users. If you, instead, mark the post as a Rules Violation (spam, overtly rude, etc) it will be marked for an admin to take a look at. This should be used sparingly - if you don't agree with a post, don't automatically mark it as a violation - abuse of the 'X' = violation is taken as seriously as investigating violating posts.

Also, if you feel someone has posted a good post but to the wrong forum, you can select the red X button at the very top of the post and you'll get an extra option:

Person: RPG Geek (Promotional Images)

You can mark the post as being in the wrong forum. An admin will look at such cases and move the post if needed.

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