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RPG Geek has a very active Play-By-Forum community. Games are run in forum threads and use the versatile Geek Randomizer to resolve actions. There are always a number of games running and the site runs yearly initiatives to get new players involved.

Find a Play By Forum Game

To find a new Play By Forum game to join, you should subscribe to the Play by Forum area of the general forums. This is where games are proposed and discussed. If you see a game that interests you, post on that thread or Geekmail the GM and express interest. New PbF gamers should read this thread for tips.

If you look at the forums module on any game or item entry, you will see there is a play by forum filter there.

User: regency_rhi

Any threads in the play by forum threads attached to particular games in the database will be games that are already underway, and not open to join. However this could be a way to find a GM who might be willing to run another game when their current one is finished. You might also enjoy reading those threads to get an idea of what a PbF game is like.

Start a Play by Forum Game

If you want to GM a PbF game, you need to find players. You might already have players in mind, and you could contact them via Geekmail. But most GMs post a recruiting thread in the Play by Forum area of the general forums, pitching their game. You can also post a link to your recruitment thread in this geeklist

Once you've gathered your players, you create threads for actual play in the Play-by-Forum forum under the RPG you are running (see image, above, for an example). Most games have both an in and out of character thread.

See the PbF FAQ for more details.

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