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You might be an RPG designer. Or an RPG publisher. Or an RPG artist.

We have two special "uberbadges" that can be attached to link your normal RPG user account to your database entry here on RPG Geek. To see how this works, you can see a typical user such as

Fred Hicks
United States
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Microbadge: Evil Hat Productions fanMicrobadge: Race to Adventure! fanMicrobadge: Spirit of the Century RPG fanMicrobadge: Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple RPG fanMicrobadge: 2013 Golden Geek Winner

You can see there are two uberbadges attached to Fred's personal RPG Geek account. One is a badge. The other is a badge. Both need to be setup by an admin. If you click on either, you will be taken to the associated Game Designer or Game Publisher page.

If you have a user account and wish to link it to your database entry, you simply need to contact one of the RPG Geek Admins and simply ask them to link to your designer page or publisher page (or both!). To qualify for the GAME DESIGNER uberbadge you must be listed as a person in our database and linked to at least one RPG Item. You can be an editor or artist and still get the GAME DESIGNER badge since it's the only person uberbadge we have available. To be given the GAME PUBLISHER badge you need to be a major figure in the publication house which must be listed in the RPG Geek database.

Not everyone is comfortable sporting a somewhat large uberbadge in their user block and it doesn’t leave much in the way of differentiating the various activities that are done when bringing an RPG game to market. So, we also have a set of Microbadges that will allow for a bit more diversity in the various roles played by people in creating a game. These micros are independent of the GAME DESIGNER and GAME PUBLISHER uberbadges described above. They are not mutually exclusive - you can have the uberbadges and the microbadges too!

There are four badges, but we are accommodating variations of mouseover text for some added flexibility. The badges were a collaboration of three highly talented graphic artists and are as follows:

Microbadge: RPG Designer - RPG Designer
Microbadge: RPG Author - RPG Author
Microbadge: RPG Writer - RPG Writer
(to qualify for this microbadge, you must be listed in the RPG Geek database as an RPG Designer)

Microbadge: RPG Artist - RPG Artist
(to qualify for this microbadge, you must be listed in the RPG Geek database as an RPG Artist)

Microbadge: RPG Editor - RPG Editor
Microbadge: RPG Production Staffer - RPG Production Staffer
(to qualify for this microbadge, you must be listed in the RPG Geek database as an RPG Production Staffer)

Microbadge: RPG Publisher - RPG Publisher
(to qualify for this microbadge, you or your company must be listed in the RPG Geek database as an RPG Publisher)

There are no other alternate texts available - please don’t ask. Many Bothans died to bring us these badges.

If you qualify for one (or more) of these badges, just send a geekmail to one of the RPG Geek Admins and we'll hook you up!

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