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You are welcome to list RPG-related crowd-funded projects here on RPG Geek. Listing/promoting a Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or other "crowd-funded" project is a simple matter here on RPG Geek, and there are several avenues for doing so. The following steps provide an overview:

  1. Post a thread about your project in the RPG Press Releases forum. You can keep that thread updated with any new developments. Interested readers will subscribe to your thread to make sure they get all the up-to-date news. (Please don't post multiple threads or cross-post to other forums on this site. They'll typically be moved to the Press Release forum or possibly deleted.)
  2. Create a post in Table Top RPG Kickstarter/Crowd-funding Announcement Thread - 2015 Edition that links to your thread in the Press Release forum. Anyone interested in keeping up with the latest Kickstarters, etc., can subscribe to this thread and will be notified when something new is posted here. Suggestions to include in your post in the Announcement thread:
    • A brief description of the game, perhaps with a small image.
    • The target goal and end date for your crowd-funding campaign.
    • A link to the Kickstarter/Crowd-funding project page.
    • A link to the thread in the Press Release forum for discussion on the project.
  3. Post an entry for your project in one of the following Geeklists that tracks RPG crowd-funding projects:
Other Considerations
  • List your project in the database (One Thing Database Entry), begin discussions in the forums area, and be available to answer questions (though, your crowd-funding project page will probably be the primary location for this).
  • For officially advertising on RPG Geek, please contact the Advertising Manager, chaddyboy_2000.

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