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Asking a rules question or starting a discussion on a particular game or item in our database is as simple as making a forum post.

First, locate the game or item in the database. Let's say you wanted to ask a question about Mouse Guard. When you are looking at the game entry, scroll down to the forum entry. This module, by default, shows all posts made to the item. You can select General to filter to posts made on general discussion topics or select Rules to filter to posts asking specific rules questions.

User: regency_rhi

You might find an existing thread which answers your question or which relates to the topic you want to discuss. Feel free to join in on those threads by clicking through to them and replying, although please be aware of the site's policy on resurrecting old threads at More About Etiquette.

If you don't find an existing thread that answers your question, select Post>> and you will be taken to a new form that lets you enter a subject and the body of your question or discussion.

User: regency_rhi

When you are done, hit SUBMIT and your thread will appear in the appropriate forum area.

If your question or discussion is not limited to one game or item, for example if you want to discuss a general game mechanic or ask about an entire group of games, then you should make a post in the forums under General Role-Playing.

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