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So you want to add something to the database? Well, it can be daunting. At RPG Geek we require almost every field to be filled in - if full and complete data isn't entered up front, it will never get added. So we have been somewhat strict on what we allow into the system. But if you are methodical in entering the information, you'll be fine. Admins are always available to gently guide and nudge you and your entry into the proper format.

The main thing to remember when you enter something into the database is that we have a concept of an RPG (i.e. the game you play) and an RPG Item (the physical books, PDFs, products, etc. for a given RPG). Think of it this way: Pathfinder is a game you play. The Advanced Player's Guide, Ultimate Equipment Guide and Core Rulebook are all Items under that RPG. If you understand that, you've halfway home.

Now... to the specifics:

1. Search the database first. Double-check to make sure you're not submitting a duplicate RPG, Item, Image, Person or Company.

2. All database entries are started by using the Community->Contribute menu at the top of your screen. You will see a menu as follows:

User: wavemotion
Create Menu

3. Look at other entries in the database. If you see something similar to what you are trying to add, use that as the model - it's likely to be correct.

4. Make sure that the people who worked on the book/product are already in the database before you submit your entry (designers, artists and production staff are required fields). Use the Misc->Create->Person form to enter people. You do not need to wait for approval on people before submitting your RPG entry - you can link in the pending people as you wish.

5. When you enter your item, be sure to fill in all fields as best you can - be diligent here as the time it takes you now will be far less than it will take to clean up later.

6. Please provide a good description with proper attribution. We prefer one of the following (in this order):
Back of the Book:
Publisher Blurb:
User Summary:

That's the short of it. If you really want to be a guru and know all the ins and outs of database hierarchy and database entry, please see our full Guide to Data Entry which is the ultimate guide to adding database content here on RPG Geek. But for most people, the above 6 steps will be enough :)

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