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Issue: Nexus (Issue 7- Jan 1984)

  • January 1984
  • Starfire section
    • "Starfall"
    • "Ship Maintenance Costs", by David A. Vandenbroucke
    • "The Drolian Conquest" Short-story and Campaign", by Howard Andeson
  • Star Fleet Battles section
    • "The Next Frontier", by Stephen V. Cole
    • "Generalized Ships Conversions", by Richard Kerr
    • "Kzinti Ship Names", by Mike Thompson
    • "Star Fleet Academy Term Papers", by Amarillo Design Bureau
    • "The Questions I Hear Most Often", by Stephen V. Cole
    • "Star Fleet Universe Consolidate Errata", by Amarillo Design Bureau
    • New Scenario for Star Fleet Battles
      • "SN7.0 A Stone's Throw" (Solitaire), by Stephen V. Cole

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