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Issue: Nexus (Issue 6 - May 1983)

  • May 1983
  • Starfire section
    • "Starfall", by David M. Weber
    • "Timeline of Events Through Second Interstellar War"
  • Star Fleet Battles section
    • "The Next Frontier", by Stephen V. Cole
    • "Behind the Glory of the Heroes" Star Fleet Fiction, by Joseph McCarthy
    • "SFB Play-by-Mail System", by Jonathan D. Schuster & Samule M. Katulic
    • "Introducing the Commander's Rulebook", by Stephen V. Cole
    • "Lyran Space", by Amarillo Design Bureau
    • "Shavings from the Workbench - Painting Kzinti Ships", by Richard S. Kerr
    • New SSDs
      • "Hydran 'Caravan' Tug & Pods"
      • "Gorn Battle Destroyer"
      • "Lyran 'Cougar' Fleet Tug/Lyran 'Puma' Transport Tug & Pods"
      • "Tholian Destroyer"
  • Other Articles
    • "Battlewagon Scenario - The Battle of San Bernardino Straits", by Richard Puchstein

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