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Issue: Nexus (Issue 5 - Mar 1983)

  • March-April 1983
  • Star Fleet Battles section
    • "Star Fleet Battles Standard Tournament" rules, by Stephen V. Cole
    • "The Next Frontier", by Stephen V. Cole
    • "The Academy", by Stephen V. Cole
    • "Star Fleet Universe Questions and Answers", by Stephen V. Cole
    • "Battle Damage: Code Red Errata"
    • "Star Fleet Battles Expansion #3 Errata"
    • "Shavings from the Workbench - Painting Kzinti ships", by Richard Kerr
    • New Scenario for Star Fleet Battles
      • "SN6.0 Border Incident", by Stephen V. Cole
    • New SSDs - First in Commander's SSD format
      • "Kzinti Command Cruiser"
      • "Klingon Command Cruiser"
      • "Lyran 'Jaguar' War Cruiser"

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