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Issue: Nexus (Issue 2 - Jun 1982)

  • June-July 1982
  • Starfire section
    • "The Fourth Interstellar War - A New Starfire Campaign", by David Webber
    • "FirePoint Five - A Solitaire Scenario", by Barton Scott
    • "Incidents from the First Terran-Khanate War", by David Webber
    • "Starfire: Variations on a Theme", by Kevin Duke
    • "Loose Ends: Question and Answer on Starfire"
  • Star Fleet Battles section (SFB)
    • "The Next Frontier", by Stephen V. Cole
    • "Star Fleet Universe Questions and Answers", by Stephen V. Cole
    • "The Academy - A Unique Look at Star Fleet Battles", by Stephen V. Cole
    • "Klingon Battlecruisers", by Stephen V. Cole
    • New Scenario for Star Fleet Battles
      • "SN2.0 The Stasis Box", by Andrew Murgas & Arthur Krull"
    • New SSDs
      • "Orion Raider-x"
      • "Liran X-Tiger"
      • "Kzinti Up-Rated Strike Kruiser (CSX)"
      • "Federation Up-Rated Cruiser (CX)"
      • "Klingon Up-Rated Battlecruiser (DX)"
      • "Romulan KRX"
      • "Hydran X-Ranger/Hydran X-Dragon"
      • "Gorn Up-Rated Cruiser (CX)"
      • "Tholian Up-Rated Cruiser (CX)"
  • Other Articles
    • "Panzers at Kursk - A Variant for Prochorovka: Armor at Kursk", by Stephen V. Cole
    • "Power Play", by Margaret S. Carmody
    • "Tri-Cap Divisions in Warsaw Pact", by Stephen V. Cole
    • "Component Review: From Starships To Dragons - Starline 2200 miniatures presentation" - review, by Bill Ferguson
    • "Helltank" - review, by Bill Watkins
    • "WIZARD'S REALM" (RPG) - review, by Bill Ferguson
    • Coming Attractions by R. Vance Buck
    • Designer Profiles
      • "Dave Weber"

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