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Issue: Nexus (Issue 1 - Apr 1982)

  • April-May 1982
  • Star Fleet Battles section
    • "History of the Star Fleet Universe - SFB Timeline", by Sthephen V. Cole
    • "Opinions for Federation Space", by the Commitee
    • "Basic Point Value: How it Works", by Sthephen V. Cole
    • "Local Conditions in Star Fleet Battles - Giving scenarios a distinctive feel", by Josh W. Spencer
    • "The Next Frontier", by Sthephen V. Cole
    • "Adapting STAR FLEET BATTLES to Miniatures", by Sthephen V. Cole
    • "Pseudo-Fighter Rules", by Sthephen V. Cole
    • "Star Fleet Universe Question and Answers", by Sthephen V. Cole
    • "Star Fleet Battles Expansion #2 Errata", by Sthephen V. Cole
    • New Scenario for Star Fleet Battles
      • "SN1.0 The Time Warp - A Federation Command Cruiser caught in a Time Warp", by Graeme Cree
    • New SSDs
      • "Gorn Pseudo-Fighter"
      • "Romulan Pseudo-Fighter"
      • "Tholian Pseudo-Fighter"
      • "Orion Pseudo-Fighter"

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