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The Question of the Day was launched on November 12, 2010 by sdonohue. Wavemotion had said there was a need for more participation in the RPG Forums and Steve had run a question fo the day at his workplace a few years earlier until he was threatened with being fired. That QOTD had started with just a few people but grew to a fairly large group and generated many responses each day. Steve felt it might work for the RPG forums too and it turns out he was correct. When Steve started, he planned to give it until the end of the year to see if it caught on. It did :).

The Question of the Day (QotD) is a long-standing RPG Geek tradition spearheaded by pdzoch. Every day a new thread containing a question is posted and users post their answers. Questions are related to some aspect of the wider gaming experience and the intent is to provoke discussion and the sharing of different stories. All users, no matter how new to the site, are welcome to answer the QotD. This is one of our liveliest discussions as we get to focus on a subject for a day (and the real meaty topics tend to spill over for many days thereafter!).

Given the popularity of the general QotD, a more Game Master specific GM-QotD has risen but is currently on hiatus.

There are microbadges for fans of the QotD and the GM-QotD: Microbadge: RPG Geek - Question Of The Day participant and Microbadge: RPG Geek - GM Question Of The Day Participant

RPG Geek QOTD Milestones

Date Event
November 12, 2010 sdonohue asks the first QOTD
January 24, 2012 The first GM QOTD is ask3ed by mastergeek
March 9, 2014 The GM QOTD, after becoming just the GM Question for a while, signs off
November 11, 2014 sdonohue asks his last QOTD
November 12, 2014 mavis101 becomes the new curator of the QOTD
November 2, 2017 mavis101 asks his last QOTD as curator
November 3, 2017 pdzoch asks his first QOTD as curator

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