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Whenever you see a post that you enjoyed or found valuable, you are encouraged to click the little thumb-up icon next to the post. This tells the poster that you found his contribution valuable - and it draws attention to the post on the main page. Thumb generously - they do not cost you to thumb and we want to provide an environment in which the users encourage each other in a positive manner! Also, images that are uploaded are only eligible for an "Uploader Award" if they receive three or more thumbs - so be generous here.

It is considered in bad taste to thumb your own post (though thumbing replies to your post is in good taste!). While there is no thumb-down, there is a little red 'x' which you can use if someone posts something overtly offensive or steps on another user's basic rights. Use this very cautiously - when you do, an admin looks into the situation. Here is what the Thumbs and red 'x' icons look like:

Person: RPG Geek (Promotional Images)

Thumbs are free - spread them around please!!

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