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Periodicals related to the gaming hobby are also tracked in the RPGG database. You can search or browse for periodicals via the menu bar. The entry for each periodical has a table under 'More Information' that links to individual issues. The entry for each issue gives a list of the articles included in that issue, and the entry for an article gives the author, a categorization and a brief description. Periodicals, in whole or particular issues, like any other database item, can have reviews and other user generated content attached to them.

Magazine Articles are also indexed at RPG Geek. We currently have more than 100,000 articles indexed in our system - hand entered by volunteer geeks! You can search this extensive index by changing the search criteria to Articles. Here is a snapshot of an Article search for 'Gary Gygax' (more than 100 articles were written by Gary - this is a partial snapshot)

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