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Guilds are smaller discussion groups for subjects of interest to members. Guilds range from people who share a non-gaming hobby to people who live in the same area or people who have an interest in a particular gaming convention. They can also be used for site organisation and groups focused on developing areas of the Geek community. Guilds provide forum capability that is separate from the main site forums and while they are not truly private, they don't show on the front page and so discussions tend to be tucked away neatly.

To search for guilds, hover over Misc on the menu bar and select Guilds. This takes you to a page that offers a list of guild categories through which you can browse to find one that interests you. Each guild has a page that gives a description and has a forum module. You can get a sense of how active a guild is from its forum activity.

The main guild browse page also gives you the option of creating a new guild. Guilds cost 10 Geekgold to create, and they must fall into one of the allowed and listed categories. Guilds must be approved by admins before final creation.

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