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Geeklists allow you to create a list from items in the database. By default, the items will show in the order you add them and they will display an associated image (the default is the representative image of the RPG item - usually the front cover of the book - though you can change the image for the purpose of the geeklist and select different ways to sort the items on the list). Other users can recommend your list, comment on the list you created and can add their own geeklist items to your list (you can restrict any or all of these additional features).

To create a geeklist, you can click on the Create link in the Geeklist module or, simply visit

When you create a Geeklist, you can select whether this is an RPG only geeklist or a combination of RPGs, Video Games and/or Boardgames.

Rules for Cross-Posting Geeklists Across Domains:

Rule 1: Generally (see rule 2) don't cross-post unless your initial list has at least one item for each cross-posted domain. Don't think "this might be of interest to..." - better to err on the side of caution and if and when someone asks to add an item of that type, you can expand the geeklist to cover the new domain (by editing the header of the geeklist you've created). Those of us interested in Boardgames, Video Games and RPGs are capable of checking the geeklists on all the sites that are of interest to us.

Rule 2: If you are absolutely sure that the geeklist crosses multiple domain boundaries (for example, asking for games played at big conventions such as Origins or Gencon or non-game related lists that may be of interest to all domains), feel free to cross-post (even if you don't have an initial item from the cross-posted domains) but please keep the title generic. That is, if you're going to cross-post to RPGG and BGG, don't title your geeklist: "RPGs Played at Gencon" but instead just use something like "Games Played at Gencon". This way, the list seems more inviting to the domains you've cross-posted it to.

Geeklists are often used to list games played at a convention, RPGs found in thrift stores, games that are appropriate for a certain group (younger players, non RPGers, etc). The creativity of how geeklists are used is almost endless! Be sure to check out the Geeklist module on the front page for some examples of what people are using geeklists for.

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