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Geekbay is our Geek redirect to Ebay. These redirects can, potentially, earn RPG Geek a couple of pennies should a user visit ebay through this linking and buy something. Those pennies can add up - and it costs the RPG Geek users nothing.

The Geekbay module is attached to every item in our database. For example, this is the Geekbay module (a snapshot in time obviously) for the Rogue Trader Core Rulebook item:

Person: RPG Geek (Promotional Images)
Geekbay Module

This Geekbay module is updated manual by our users. That is... a user would click on the Add... link to add current ebay auctions to this Geekbay module for a given item. This does two things. First it improves the experience for other users who are interested in an item (after reading the description, reviews or comments) and wants to potentially buy one. Secondly, if the user clicks through these links to ebay and buys an item, the RPG Geek gets a few pennies kickback from Ebay (which, in turn, supports our site!). As incentive for users to add auctions (obviously it doesn't have to be your own auction though it could be) for every listing you add that someone else clicks, you get 0.01 geekgold (a geek-penny) up to 0.05 geekgold total (given at the end of the auction). Do not abuse this but please do help in adding current auctions and help make the 'Geek more useful (and earn a little something for your effort).

Using Ad Block, it is possible to hide the Geekbay module. Hence, if you cannot find this module, you should check your Ad Block settings; it might be blocked.

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