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The basic organization of a chain of generosity is in the form of a geeklist where one user offers a game or item up for grabs. Users comment on the geeklist item, expressing interest in the item. After a period of time, specified either when the chain starts or by the person offering the item, a winner is randomly generated. The winner is sent the game or item, and it is then their turn to list something on the Chain of Generosity.

Unlike Games for Geekgold, the closing period and drawing technique are not as formally set because no one is bidding any geekgold for the items. All a winner is promising to do is put up the next item in the chain of generosity.

Chains of Generosity are often geographically limited, for example an Australian/New Zealand chain or a North American chain. Some have a wiki page to allow for an easy overview on the various chains within the geeklist:
Here's a list of our RPG Chains of Generosity geeklists (active/ inactive as of May 2014):

Feel free to reactivate a list; contact the "hosts" of the geeklist as well as the owners of the last unclaimed offers if they are still willing to participate, and you should probably promote the chain in the tavern. This also applies to completely new lists, obviously. If you'd like to participate in a chain although you do not live in that particular region, clear any questions regarding shipping costs first.

A list of cross-domain and BGG chains, along with some indication if they are active or not, can be found here

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