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List of Gamma World cards

Gamma World Roleplaying Game

The cards in the Gamma World Roleplaying Game boxed set have a radiation symbol on the top right:

1/80: Accelerated Reflexes
2/80: Adaptive Resistance
3/80: Psychic Reversal
4/80: Anti-Life Leech
5/80: Aquatic Adaption
6/80: Bio Carapace
7/80: Cloud the Mind
8/80: Beguiling
9/80: Devolution
10/80: Confusion
11/80: Light Generation
12/80: Empathic Healing
13/80: Fast Healing
14/80: Feelers
15/80: Force Field Generation
16/80: Sound Imitation
17/80: Footus Ginormicus
18/80: Extra Arm
19/80: Shaggy Pelt
20/80: Infravision
21/80: Time Slide
22/80: Kinetic Absorption
23/80: Levitation
24/80: Life Leech
25/80: Reflexive Teleport
26/80: Gravity Well
27/80: LMAO
28/80: Phasing
29/80: Phobia Projection
30/80: Quills
31/80: Redirection
32/80: Rubbery Skeleton
33/80: Amnesia Field
34/80: Stink Glands
35/80: Super Genius
36/80: Teleportations
37/80: Vampiric Healing
38/80: Venomous Spurs
39/80: Stoke Resentment
40/80: Hostility
41/80: Unstable Vibroblade
42/80: Electro-Flail
43/80: Flash Neurojack
44/80: Leaky Fusion Rifle
45/80: Mk1 Laser Pistol
46/80: Mk1 Power Armor
47/80: Tangler
48/80: All-Seeing Agg
49/80: Unreliable Jet Pack
50/80: Music Box
51/80: Hand Rocket
52/80: Radiation Orbiter
53/80: Sentinel Orbiter
54/80: Prototype Power Fist
55/80: Adrenaline Pill
56/80: Endeavor Neurojack
57/80: Optic Neurojack
58/80: Erratic Rifle Hound
59/80: Cracked Ray Gun
60/80: Photon Grenade
61/80: Blather Gecko
62/80: Razor Grenade
63/80: Enviromask
64/80: The Patch
65/80: Science Comp
66/80: Spy Comp
67/80: Envirocape
68/80: Freeze Ray
69/80: Force Pike
70/80: Inflatable Friend
71/80: Eternalight
72/80: Plasma Deflector
73/80: Animatronic Toy
74/80: Envirogloves
75/80: Cognition Anchor
76/80: Face Mask
77/80: Fish-Killer Grenade
78/80: Autoskeleton
79/80: Headmounted Laser
80/80: Dim Photonic Spear

Gamma World Booster Packs

See Gamma World RPG Booster Packs for a list of cards included in these packs. They have an atom symbol in the top right.

Promo cards

Three promotional cards have a bomb symbol in the top right:
1/3: Power Mimic
2/3: Two-Headed
3/3: Dehydrated Man

Famine in Far-go

The cards from the Gamma World Expansion Pack: Famine in Far-go box have symbol of a mutant chicken in the top right, and are all Cryptic Alliance cards. There are two of each card included:

  • Brotherhood of Thought
  • New Dawn
  • Archivists
  • Radioactivists
  • Restorationists

Legion of Gold

The cards from the Gamma World Expansion Pack: Legion of Gold box have symbol of a three-eyed critter in the top right:
1/10: Dark Matter Shroud
2/10: Evolved Equilibrium
3/10: Gas Emission
4/10: Mirror Body
5/10: Rain Caller
6/10: MkIII Scout Armor
7/10: Dimensional Shuntshield
8/10: Flame Thrower
9/10: Flaregun
10/10: Matter Bomb Prime

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