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Devourers in the Mist Characters

2014 Newbie PbF Initiative - Devourers in the Mist IC Thread
2014 Newbie PbF Initiative - Devourers in the Mist OOC Thread

Some Notes on Characters Information:

Investigative Abilities: Include academic, interpersonal, and technical abilities. These abilities always work; they are designed to gather clues. The number next to the ability represents points that can be spent to find out more information (if available) on the specific clue.

General Abilities: The rest of the abilities, including combat abilities and “statistics” like Health, Sanity, and Stability. using or testing them creates drama; they may fail. Like Investigative Abilities, the numbers represent a pool of points you can spend to help in completing the check.

Investigative Abilities
General Abilities
Charlie Allred
Bad Luck
Anthropology 1
Assess Honesty 1
Bargain 2
Credit Rating 0
Craft (Carpentry) 1
Flattery 1
Law 1
Library Use 1
Locksmith 1
Occult 1
Oral History 1
Outdoorsman 4
Pharmacy 1
Physics 1
Streetwise 4
Athletics 8
Conceal 4
Filch 8
Firearms 4
Health 8
Mech Repair 2
Sanity 8
Scuffling 12
Sense Trouble 8
Shadowing 3
Stability 4
Stealth 8
Weapons 4.
You were aboard the Empress Of Caledonia as a crewman. Yeah,
the hard work of life in the engine room is a violation of the
hobo code against honest labor, no doubt about that. If you signed
on voluntarily for this job, you sure don’t remember it. Last
thing you remember, you were drinking it up in a San Francisco dive,
and then you came to in the crew quarters of a churning steamship.
And yeah, getting Shanghaied on a luxury liner sounds unlikely,
but here you are. Maybe it was something you said to those drunk
sailors who were stinking up the joint. Could be you got tight and
agreed to something stupid. Wouldn’t be the first time in your
unpredictable and checkered life.

It’s your typical lousy luck to get shipwrecked, but in a
cockeyed way, it’s a blessing, since it got you away from that
tyrannical madman of a crew boss, Bornedal. And maybe, when the
ship was going down, he accidentally slipped and hit his face on
a shovel you happened to be swinging at it. Funny things sometimes
happen in the heat of he moment, huh? That’s all behind you now.
Now all you have to worry about is getting off this damned island.

Ezekiel Brush
Thirst for Knowledge
Astronomy 1
Biology 1
Chemistry 2
Credit Rating 4
Cryptography 1
Evidence Collection 2
Forensics 1
Languages 4
(Latin, French, Italian, German)
Library Use 2
Medicine 1
Occult 1
Photography 2
Physics 2
Theology 1

Driving 2
Elec Repair 8
First Aid 4
Fleeing 22
Health 6
Hypnosis 4
Mech Repair 4
Piloting 4
Psychoanalysis 4
Riding 4
Sanity 6
Stability 5
This shipwreck interrupts your trip to Tokyo, where you were due to deliver
a paper on improvements in gunpowder manufacturing. Several of your
colleagues warned you not to speak on a matter of military application before
a potentially hostile foreign power, but politics mean nothing to you.
Knowledge is all! Ever since you were a child, your only concern was to
unlock the manifold secrets of nature. A young genius and polymath,
you found no scientific subject beneath your notice.

Now that you are old and whiskered, you find yourself ever
closer to the ultimate breakthrough which will unite the material disciplines,
exposing the intrinsic logic underlying all of existence. Although to be marooned
on an uncharted island would perhaps be distressing to others, you see it as
another opportunity to learn. Perhaps even this is part of an unseen plan,
executed by the impersonal yet surely damned island.

Leory Currie
Archaeology 4
Bargain 2
Biology 1
Bureaucracy 1
Credit Rating 5
Evidence Collection 2
Geology 4
History 4
Intimidation 2
Languages 2
(Chinese, Spanish)
Library Use 2
Outdoorsman 4 (3).
Athletics 12 (10)
Driving 3
Electrical Repair 2
Explosives 4
Filch 3
Firearms 4 (0)
First Aid 4
Health 10
Mech Repair 4
Preparedness 3 (0)
Riding 6
Sanity 8 (3)
Scuffling 8
Sense Trouble 4
Stability 6 (4).
The ultimate destination of your Pacific voyage was the Gobi Desert,
where you fully intended to discover entirely new species of
dinosaurs buried beneath its shifting sands.

You are, in your own not-so-humble estimation, the world’s foremost
paleontologist. No obstacle, whether natural or man-made, may
obstruct your path to glory. The world of dinosaur hunting is not
for shrinking violets. You’ve stared down bandit leaders, drawn
on warlords, and wrestled hyenas. Being stranded on an island is
a damnable nuisance, but you’re confident that you’ll survive.
Only in an empty and utterly indifferent universe would a stalwart
such as yourself be permitted to die a meaningless death on
some useless speck of land.

Sister Flora Godden
Anthropology 1
Accounting 1
Architecture 1
Art 1
Art History 1
Assess Honesty 2
Biology 2
Bureaucracy 2
Credit Rating 2
History 1
Intimidation 1
Languages 1
Medicine 2
Pharmacy 2
Reassurance 2
Theology 2
Athletics 4
First Aid 12
Fleeing 8
Health 6
Preparedness 6
Psychoanalysis 8
Sanity 10
Scuffling 2
Sense Trouble 4
Stability 10.
You were headed to Shanghai to serve at the St. Panteleon
Mission Hospital, a Catholic charity.

Always a devout young woman, you trained as a nurse in your
native Scotland before converting to Catholicism and becoming
a nun. However, the doughty work ethic instilled in your by
your no-nonsense parents would not tolerate the cloistered life,
o you applied for a transfer to a part of the world which is
both in need of your talents, and could badly need a cleaning up.
As much as you’ve strived to achieve humility before God, your
tongue sometimes betrays you with its sharpness. Likewise, your
ability to suffer fools gladly could use further work. At least
you’ve stifled the frivolous interest in the arts that plagued
you in your youth, although all the useless information about
artists, buildings and history you accumulated then still rattles
about your brain. Still a handsome woman, you find yourself the
occasional object of flirtation from love- smitten men, whose
attentions you find annoying—yet secretly flattering.

Irina Krilov
In the Blood
Anthropology 1
Accounting 1
Archaeology 1
Art History 1
Assess Honesty 2
Astronomy 1
Bargain 1
Credit Rating 4
Cryptography 1
Flattery 4
History 1
Law 1
Locksmith 1
Occult 4
Reassurance 2
Theology 2
Athletics 3
Conceal 12
Disguise 3
Filch 12
Firearms 3
Fleeing 8
Health 8
Hypnosis 14
Sanity 6
Scuffling 3
Sense Trouble 4
Stability 7
Weapons 3
Known throughout Europe as a seer and mystical philosopher,
authoress of Towards A Hermetic Dawn, and founder of the
Trimergestic movement, you decided to take a jaunt to the far
east after a series of unfortunate misunderstandings. A
couple of years ago you had to leave England after Scotland
Yard took a nosy interest into changes to a wealthy follower’s
will. Although strictly speaking these changes occurred after
the subject’s death, there is no question that they were in
accordance with her wishes. Then there was the incident that
led to your hasty booking of a ticket on the Empress Of
Caledonia... well, the less said about that, the better.
You were having a merry and potentially profitable time aboard
the ship, meeting several well-connected individuals with a
keen interest in spiritualism and the occult, when this
horrible shipwreck happened.

Ever since you were born, as plain ordinary Emma Jones,
near Newcastle, England, you’ve felt a curious affinity for
the occult. At night, you have strange dreams, in which you
meet the parents who disappeared from your life when you
were a small child. They are trapped in a nightmarish realm,
but promise you a birthright of stunning power. Naturally,
you have turned this vocation into a means of making a buck.
Great destiny or no, surely you have to survive in the meantime...

Felix Strode
Police Detective
Assess Honesty 2
Bureaucracy 1
Cop Talk 2
Credit Rating 3
Evidence Collection 2
Flattery 1
Forensics 1
Interrogation 2
Intimidation 1
Law 2
Library Use
Outdoorsman 2
Pharmacy 1
Photography 1
Reassurance 1
Streetwise 2
Athletics 12
Driving 8
Firearms 14
First Aid 2
Health 10
Sanity 6
Scuffling 10
Sense Trouble 10
Shadowing 8
Stability 5
Weapons 6
You’re on extended leave from your job as a Los Angeles
police detective after having solved a grisly and
emotionally destabilizing case. The killer of a half
dozen college students turned out to be one of their own,
an art student who dismembered them and left them in various
drainage ditches throughout the city. You still can’t
forget the animalistic look on his face as he confessed
to the crimes. The boy was completely insane, claiming that
the corpses were tribute to a race subterranean of cannibals.
If he didn’t keep them fed, evil gods would come to get him
in his dreams.

You’ve seen some pretty terrible sights in your fifteen years
on the force, and you’re no wilting violet, goodness knows,
but somehow you’ve been unable to shake this case. The fragility
of the human mind, the depths of depravity to which people
are capable of sinking... frankly, you’re not sure you can
continue any more. Grateful relatives of the victims booked
you a ticket aboard the Empress Of Caledonia. You were hoping
that some mindless sightseeing would help you regain the
perspective needed to report back to work. Now this shipwreck
comes along. Maybe it will prove to you that people are
fundamentally good and capable of working together for the
good of all... or maybe, God forbid, it will show that your
darkest thoughts about humankind are absolutely on the nose.

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