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Subject: Chapter 3: Transportation Conundrum rss

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Jacob Wood
United States
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Author of Psi-punk - Coming Soon!
Remembering his debts, Nolan opted for the man most likely to demand the least pay. “Now excuse me Lenny, I’m on business.”

He elbowed his way past the smaller man, ignoring his demand for attention, and quickly closed the gap between his table and the bar. “Frank the Tank,” said Nolan as he pulled up a seat next to the large, heavily-cybered man. “It’s been a while.”

Frank finished a draft of nano-beer (guaranteed to taste like nothing and make you feel nothing!) and turned his head to look at his new companion. Nolan couldn’t help but feel a bit uneasy as those intense, robotic eyes sized him up, presumably running thousands of diagnostics at once in an effort to positively identify that the person he was looking at was, in fact, the person he outwardly appeared to be.

“Holtz. Yes, long time.” His eyes flashed with recognition. “Beer?”

Nolan knew this simple question to be a request, not an offer, and he waived the barkeep over to fill Frank’s glass. “You look like a man who could use a job. You interested?”

“Do I look broke to you, Holtz?” Frank’s voice was tinny, almost robotic, yet somehow intimidating.

Knowing this was just a bartering tactic of the large and brutish man, Nolan kept his cool. “’course not. Just thought you could use some more beer money is all. Maybe a new implant. I hear there’s a sale on nightvision.”

Frank chuckled. Was it a chuckle? Are half-cyborgs even capable of humor anymore?

“Must not’ve been that long, Holtz. You still know what I like. How much?”

Holtz contemplated this question for a moment. The job shouldn’t be difficult, and it didn’t pay well. He needed most of the money to pay his own debts, and he did come to Frank because he expected to hire cheap labor. Still, he didn’t want to insult a man who could easily snap him in two.

“20K for a routine package drop. Business district. Should be enough to get that nightvision upgrade” Nolan hoped that 70/30 would be a fair enough split, as long as he didn’t tip his hand about the total pay-out.

“Sure,” Frank responded without much thought. He threw back his new mug of beer in one swig. “But I got that installed last week.”

Thank goodness for simple folk, thought Nolan to himself. “Meet me here this time tomorrow. You need any supplies?”

“Nah. Got bullets, got beer. Just a package drop?”

“Just a package drop.”

“See you tomorrow.”


Nolan and Frank stood outside Pete’s Pit, eyeing at an inconspicuous-looking box.

“That all of it?” asked Frank. He didn’t look impressed. He never looked impressed.

“Yeah, that’s it,” was all the response he received from Nolan.

The dull metal box Nolan carried was about two and a half feet long by ten inches wide and about six inches deep. It wasn’t terribly large, but he knew well enough that important and expensive things can come in small packages. Neither man could guess what was in the box, and both knew better than to ask.

“Alright, let’s go. We’re to deliver it to a Mr. H. Belmont, 195-B Morrison St.,” announced Nolan, as if his partner cared where it was going.

“You got wheels, Holtz?”

“Not since my bike was destroyed trying to evade some thugs. You?”

Frank stared at Nolan with intense, glowing eyes. It’s hard to imagine how such cold, metallic objects could portray such intense emotions, but somehow they managed. “A drop with no wheels? I’m not walking 10 miles.”

“It’s alright, Frank. We have options,” replied Nolan as calm as he could manage. This guy was remarkably intimidating. “We can take a cab or the train.”

“Carry the package in public? You dense, Holtz?”

“It’s cheaper than buying a car.”

“Not cheaper than taking one.”

“You know every car’s chipped nowadays, Frank. We’d have the Blue on our tails in no time.”

“They’re easily bought.”

“But that’ll cost us more than a cab.”

How will the two travel?
  Your Answer   Vote Percent Vote Count
By train, cheap but conspicuous
18.8% 3
By cab, more expensive but with fewer people to deal with
50.0% 8
By stolen car, where no one but the cops might bother them
31.2% 5
Voters 16
This poll is now closed.   16 answers
Poll created by Munkwunk
Closes: Sat Jun 23, 2012 6:00 am

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Jacob Wood
United States
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Author of Psi-punk - Coming Soon!
Alright, looks like they'll be hiring a cab!
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