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Subject: Chapter 2 - Hired Help rss

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Jacob Wood
United States
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Author of Psi-punk - Coming Soon!
“Put the gun down, Shadow. You’ve never shot a man before, and you’re not about to start today.” Nolan stared hard into the man’s eyes and received a noticeable flinch in response. “I’m not the one you’re angry with, Shadow. Why don’t you go back to your wife and son and leave the mugging to the real thugs?”

“Marsha….” Said the would-be assailant in a cracked voice. He lowered the gun and let it slip from his fingers to hit the pavement with a metallic thud. The man looked dazed, his eyes beginning to gloss over as tears welled up in his eyes. “I… I didn’t want it to be like this.”

“You’re not a bad man, Tim,” Nolan assured him even as he let out a sigh of relief. No matter how many times a gun has been pointed at him, it’s always nerve wracking. “You’ll find work. Honest work. Work without guns. Just go home and sleep it off.”

“Sleep it off, yeah…” Tim’s voice trailed off as he staggered away.

“Well,” thought Nolan as he stooped down to pick up the handgun, “no sense letting this go to waste.”

He slipped the pistol into his jacket and strode off in the opposite direction. It seemed that he was finished testing out his new legs and was ready to focus on work. Having a gun pointed at your face from two yards away has a certain way of ruining your afternoon stroll.

Nolan didn’t expect the job to be terribly difficult. It was crap pay, for starters, which means that just about anyone could pull it off. He wouldn’t have even bothered accepting it had it not been for the debt he had to pay; every little bit helps.

Regardless, he knew it wouldn’t be wise to do the job alone. He was skilled enough, sure, but if the bullets started flying then it’d be wise to have a second target. Finding a partner would mean having to split the already-meager pay, but he knew of a few people he could hire for a bargain price.

Nolan wandered into Pete’s Pit, a local dive where broke street runners often wound up. He wasn’t after anyone in particular, so the plan was to see who was present and willing to go to the business district and babysit a package tomorrow.

It took a moment for his eyes to get used to the dim neon glow of the room, and he couldn’t help but think of how convenient some new cyber eyes would be in a situation like this. One mod at a time, though, he reminded himself, and began scanning the room with his analog peepers.

Most of the usual suspects were hanging out. As he glanced around the room, he mentally catalogued each of them and pondered their strengths and weekenesses.

Sitting at his usual spot up at the bar was Frank “the Tank” Sanders. Frank was even taller than Nolan and built like his namesake. He was wired from head to toe and Holtz suspected there was more titanium in that man’s bones than natural marrow. He’d be good in case a fight broke out and was usually content to work for just enough dough to buy a week’s worth of booze.

Nolan wandered further into the room and took a seat in the corner. As he did so, he caught a glimpse of Kathy Ohms, an electrokinetic with a talent for hacking. It was a great combination, and though he wasn’t sure it would come in handy during a routine package drop, there was no mistaking that her other considerable talents – namely the ability to remotely control street cams and anything else with a microchip – could be useful.

He mentally filed Kathy as another option and continued looking about. Another man, almost pitifully sleek with a gaunt face caught his attention. He’d never worked with him before, but he knew the man as, fittingly enough, “Sticks.” His ability to get into just about any place unobserved was legendary, at least for a man who’d never worked outside the slums.

Nolan contemplated getting up and introducing himself when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around to look at the person trying to get his attention but spotted nobody. Confused, Nolan shrugged, pushed back his chair, and stood. Before he could move his feet though, an individual materialized in front of him.

“Hiya Holtz!” beamed the man who seemed to sprout from thin air. “How’dya like my new toy? Invisibility is incredible, don’tchathink?”

Nolan cursed himself for being so startled by the intrusion. He should have picked up the presence of the man’s thoughts even before he spotted him, but he had been too focused on scouting out the local talent.

“Incredible, Lenny” Nolan replied dryly. He stared down at the smaller man who was dressed in a bright silver jacket and couldn’t help but roll his eyes at the irony of such a flashy article of clothing being impossible to spot. The man pocketed a gadget and Nolan glimpsed a holster full of other gizmos, knowing each to be a magic device with its own special properties. This guy was hooked on having the latest tech, a fact that Holtz considered using to his own advantage.

Poll: Who does Nolan hire?
Who does Nolan Hire?
  Your Answer   Vote Percent Vote Count
Frank “the Tank” Sanders, a great bodyguard
31.6% 6
Kathy Ohms, master of electrokinesis
31.6% 6
Sticks, the slender man renowned for his stealth
15.8% 3
Lenny, the technophile magician
21.1% 4
Voters 19
This poll is now closed.   19 answers
Poll created by Munkwunk
Closes: Fri Jun 15, 2012 6:00 am

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Jacob Wood
United States
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Author of Psi-punk - Coming Soon!
Hmm, a tie. I guess this calls for a roll-off!

1-3: Frank the Tank
4-6: Kathy Ohms

1d6 = (1) = 1
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  • 139553. Munkwunk
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  • Sat Jun 16, 2012 5:48 pm
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