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Subject: Strange Aeons Part 10 - Shopping and Gossip rss

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Eric Dodd
New Zealand
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Halloween 2019
Episode 2 - The Thrushmoor Terror

Dramatis Personae:
Scott - The Gamemaster

Matt - Billy the human female Cleric
Susan - Dorrin the human female Fighter
John - Thelma Torquemada the half-Orc female Inquisitor
Eric - Ramona Mentes the human female Investigator
David - Cayce the human male Psychic

Before she can tell us, a shambling corpse appears at the end of the row of houses and utters a terrible howl. Dorrin is frightened, but we are all shocked by the speed of the terrible creature as it rushes towards Thelma.

Billy blesses us all and Cayce attacks the thing with magic missiles, finding he has to overcome the creature’s magical resistance. The Revenant (for such we recognise it as) charges straight at the Inquisitor grabbing her around the throat. Cayce hits again, and Dorrin finds her glaive cuts the creature quite well. My crossbow bolt doesn’t work quite so well. Thelma tries to break free, but the Revenant’s grip is fearsome. Billy heals the wounded inquisitor while Dorrin and Cayce keep damaging the Revenant. I can see Thelma is still likely to die so I plunge the hypodermic syringe full of Cure Moderate Wounds into her arm as she struggles against the Revenant. The baleful thing ignores my presence and makes no attempt to attack me as I step in and out beside it. Out of healing and aid, Billy tries to attack the Revenant with her club but fails to damage it. I manage another hit with my crossbow, and in response the creature gives another Baleful Shriek. This time I’m too shocked to fight on, though the others keep their nerve. Thelma relies on her Orcish resilience to stay awake as Dorrin and Cayce manage to finish off the Revenant.

Billy heals Thelma, who initially denies any knowledge of the creature that attacked her, or any explanation as to why it only targeted her. Somehow it seems connected to the person I saw killed in a vision at the house at the other end of town. Was this Klyne Maric, the man we were supposed to have killed? There are certainly more secrets to uncover about each other as well as this benighted town...

Fortunately it’s still early in the morning and there are no other people around who have seen us kill someone. Thelma seems to be considering her past, and wants to have the corpse buried properly in a consecrated grave. While Billy, Cayce and Dorrin head off to the new church in East Island, Thelma and I remain with the dead Revenant.
We wrap the body as best we can and move it into some nearby bushes. Then we try not to look suspicious as we stand guard over the body. Meanwhile, the others pass over a bridge to the East Island. They see the church ahead to the right, but before checking it out they are halted by the sight of an angry mob outside a house to the left of the road. The crowd are shouting at the house for someone to come out and face them. ‘’Come out you half-breed! We know you drew those murals!” Billy manages to find out that the crowd think that the half-elf artist who lives in this house is the one who has been drawing the charcoal landscapes. The door opens and a tall, thin half-elf comes out of the house. ‘You are all wrong,’ he says. ‘It was not I who drew those murals, for I don’t work in that medium or that style.’

This hardly satisfies the crowd and some start to look for rocks to throw at the half-elf. Dorrin intimidates the more strident members of the crowd, while Cayce uses his Wand of Command to send another back home. The steam goes out of the mob, and they walk away muttering. The half-elf invites the heroes in, thanking them for their help. He tells them his name is Lillwin, and the building is the Hasoki Studio. He offers us a reward of 500gp and a Bag of Holding for helping him, which seems very generous. His painting studio is cluttered and shows many pictures in many stages of completion. The major work that catches everyone’s eyes is a great three-part triptych showing five people in front of three different city landscapes under yellowish skies. The characters seem familiar… in fact they are obviously us! Lillwin tells Cayce, Dorrin and Billy that these images came to him a dream, but that he was unable to see the faces clearly. When he realises that he has three of the people from his dreams in his studio the half-elf becomes very excited and offers us all money to come and sit for portraits to finish the triptych.

Lillwin is happy to tell us all has heard since he has been in town, which has not been that long. In fact he arrived here just ten days ago, invited to paint an image for the New Chapel next door. By the time he arrived, the priestess had gone missing. Lillwin still has a key to the chapel, so Billy asks for it so he can get the required holy water and items necessary for a proper burial. Nothing is obviously out of place in the chapel, so the heroes take what they need and return to where Thelma and I are waiting. On the way back the heroes overhear someone talking to a friend: ‘All the bookshops have closed!’ but they are unable to learn more. We all join up and carry the dead Revenant back to the New Chapel, dig a hole in an open spot and inter the corpse. Hopefully this has laid one of our ghosts to rest.

It’s nearly midday, so we carry on to the end of the East island and cross back over the end bridge to the mainland. We can smell and see the Farmer’s Square directly ahead of us, and carry on to find some lunch. We pass a wheelwright, lead by the smell of baked bread. Inside the small shop we find a balding halfing with sideburns. Seeing me he says: ‘Oh no, you’ll get no more protection money here.’ I get another sinking feeling about my past behaviour as an enforcer for the Count. When we say that we are just here to buy food his attitude changes, and we’ve soon bought a couple of day’s worth of bread and pastries. Approach. A new rumour we overhear is about the old chapel on the hill: ‘ever hear why they abandoned the old chapel?’. This time Billy manages to strike up a conversation with the talkers and we learn that it was about a hundred years ago that the old priest was driven mad and killed by a demonic entity. No one has been back up to the old chapel for years.

We carry on back to the west, and come to a smithy building, with unusual vases and lamps made from copper sitting in front of it. We can hear the banging of hammer on anvil as we enter the shop and see a female dwarf hard at work on some metalwork. She tells us she is Kletta Binter, and makes armour as well as the unusual handicrafts we saw outside. In the end we manage to buy a chain shirt for Dorrin and scale mail for Billy, while I get Billy’s studded leather resized for my use. We sell some trinkets and leather armour to offset some of the cost. We ask about weapons, and we are directed to the High Mart further along the road. Three more rumours we hear on the way onward reinforce the tale of the old chapel, and that Corstan Creed was the priest killed; some children skipping by are singing about The Wailing House, a haunted building at the end of the East Island; and finally some people talk about how relieved they are that Cessadio and the Sleepless detective agency are still in town, since the fort is shut up.

The High Mart is a large building which is an open covered space, with a half dozen individual stalls inside. The largest stall is empty, but four of the others look interesting to us. We start with the weapon stall. A well dressed man with mis-matched coloured eyes runs that stall, with a decent range of weapons. We ask about magical weapons, or where in town we might get our weapons enchanted or upgraded. The man looks a little nervous and says that there isn’t a call for magic weapons and that he has none to sell. He does offer to buy any weapons, magic or not from us though. We also learn from the owner that the empty stall was a book stall, called the Paper Tree. This bookseller is another who has mysteriously disappeared. Cayce and I fill up on crossbow bolts, helping to spread our wealth around. The jewelry stall doesn’t have anything to offer us, but the owner Lana offers to buy jewelry and trinkets from us. Dorrin asks to keep the silver necklace to Shelyn, which we agree to. Her prices aren’t great but we sell the pearl necklace for 50gp. She doesn’t recognise the Holly and Hawk ring. Clara’s Kit offers gear of all kinds for adventurers, plus other odds and ends. She offers 40gp for the viol, but we decide in the end to keep it. We do sell a pearl tooth for 9gp.

Finally we come to a clothing stall. I suggest we could get some new clothes to disguise ourselves a little, but in the end all we do is sell the red boots we found in the asylum for 5gp. We hear a few more rumours on the way out towards the Junk Mart, though the only new one refers to Brilt, the owner of the Smokehouse back on the East Island as a ‘green hag’. Not literally, but apparently she is a hard taskmistress though the smoked goods are supposed to be very good.

Our shopping day ends at the Junk Mart, close to the detective agency. It is a cluttered building full of odd items and general equipment. Billy is keen to get some silken rope, and we also pick up an additional backpack to carry our supplies. The person in charge is a slender, serious looking half-elf. We ask if she has any magical or special items, and she very carefully sounds us out before revealing she does indeed. She tells us that she has learnt to be careful in discussing magic in this ‘superstitious’ and ‘narrow-minded’ town. Her attitude to us improves considerably as she learns the fellow half-elf Cayce is also an Occultist, and she brings out a small selection of items of interest to the psychic. Ghost Powder seems a good preventative, and the False Coin a useful tracing device but in the end we splash out on the Incense of Corporality which should allow us to fight spirits in a physical way. It’s expensive, so we also sell the coin-sized eye with the fake psychic influence on it to her for 187gp.

Satisfied that we have improved our status a little, at least with the merchants of Thrushmore, we head back to the Sleepless Agency to plan for an expedition tomorrow, perhaps to the old church. A final reminder that dark forces are gathering against comes as we catch a glimpse of a passing figure, only to realise we have seen him two or three times already today. Surely this is not a coincidence, even in a town of this size? No one has a clear idea of what this figure looks like, but we will certainly keep an eye out for them tomorrow.

Notes -
No photos this week, though there are more named buildings on the 3d map.

The hall on the hill, the fort, the wailing house or the old church are also options for our next exploration.

I still have two sanity failures leading towards madness, failing to recover from one overnight.

Now we may have a chance to spend some money in town, here’s our loot list:

-6 other pearls = 90gp
-Masterwork Viol=80gp
-Golden Ring 150gp
-Ring of ‘Holly and Hawk’ 50gp
1859gp and 0sp
Updated cash list after all today’s purchases.

Magic Items:

Handy Haversack containing Scrolls of Fox’s Cunning, Remove Paralysis, Summon Monster III
Candle of Spirit Protection
Incense of Open Thoughts, Incense of Corporality
Potions of Bull’s Strength, Bear’s Endurance, Invisibility, Protection from Evil, Cure Moderate Wounds x2
Vials of Silver Sheen x2, Anti-toxin x3
Oil of Align Weapon, Magic Weapon
Wand of Lesser Restoration 4 charges
Wand of Bless 10 charges?
Wand of Cure Light Wounds charges?
Thunderstones x2
1 sunrod
Bag of Holding Type 1

4 Muscaria Mushrooms, last 30 minutes to 3 hours, give a 1d6 alchemical Knowledge bonus at the expense of 1d4 Charisma.
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