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Way of the Wicked - Tears of the Blessed - Session 075 - Thane of the Dwarves - Sunday 14th of April 2019

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Present are:
Kern Diablus - Redstuf Gnome Male Sorcerer (Aiko) with infernal bloodline - Archmage
Mitch - Marisakis Human Male Summoner (Sebastiaan) with summoned three headed dog Trishy - Hierophant/Archmage
Marit - Narl Human Female Ranger (Leonie) with Agnetha the Wolf as her animal companion (and sister) - Champion
(all level 10)
And our GM - Tiems (Timo)

The knot and allies walk on through the Vale (which they need to shut off from the rest of the world before winter falls), pushing over the bridge while the dwarves at the other side throw heavy axes towards them. Mitch creates a gigantic tornado which pulls several dwarves high up into the sky. Marit rushes in and hacks away with her sword while Agnetha performs several vicious bites. The caster attacking the knot seems quite beaten already and quickly takes a step back in order to say a prayer to protect its nobleman. Kern hopes to disturb that by sending forth a focused fireball. It does hit the other caster but hits Marit as well. The noble Dwarven Thane, Durhan One-Stroke steps forward towards Marit and lashes out with his greataxe which hits her worse than expected. Another axe is thrown towards Kern but as the little guy he can easily dodge it. Two more axes hit Marit and for the first time in a long while she goes down.

Mitch summons a dire tiger and sends it towards the dwarven Noble, Durhan, who in turn goes down as well. Marit may be down but is not dying thanks to their mythic powers, she stabilises but will need help soon. Kern sends a scorching ray into several of the remaining dwarves and chars quite a few. Agnetha sees two dwarves still standing and grabs one and almost bites a chunk off as she pulls the dwarf’s leg from underneath him. For a few precious moments the group has some rest as the dwarves have been beaten. But it does not last very long as a small group of seven monks is running towards them. Without any warning in advance a fan-shaped wall of icicles pierces through harnesses of fallen dwarves and the upcoming monks, the battlefield colours red. The wall of ice is followed by several bombs coming from far but undoubtedly a fabrication of Okkie. .

Twenty bugbears were sent ahead but got massacred by the monks. Kern gets hit and feels very sick suddenly but can’t even move to throw up stunned, fatigued and sickened. Mitch hits the sky again while some weird energy hits Marit who thankfully withstands the attacks. As payback she swings round and decapitates two of them, even with the extra momentum in the swing hitting the leader badly who barely can keep standing. Agnetha growls and snarls but is unable to finish him off. Kern is finally able to move again but before he can do anything the leader of the monks causes him even more harm. Kern decides a tactical retreat is in order here for him. Mitch casts greater invisibility on Marit to help her in the fight. Agnetha has thanks to earlier spells four heads to create havoc with and she can’t be held back. She tears the leader now to tiny bits. Being invisible Marit can easily get to two other monks who fall down without knowing what hit them. There is now only one monk left. Kern dons a potion and takes care of the final monk.

From far away a huge boulder is catapulted into the air and it is sheer luck is misses Marit as it hits the ground. It rolls on and crashes one of the bugbears. The knot marches on and when they get closer to the village they see they have to cross another bridge. And this one will be even harder to cross as it is guarded by two gold-coloured shield archons which seem made of metal and both are holding huge shields. Okkie and Elise finally catch up with the knot. In the far distance things sound rather odd, as if someone has dropped confusion bombs...
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