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Way of the Wicked - Tears of the Blessed - Session 073 - The Golem fight - Monday 11th of March 2019

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Present are:
Kern Diablus - Redstuf Gnome Male Sorcerer (Aiko) with infernal bloodline - Archmage
Mitch - Marisakis Human Male Summoner (Sebastiaan) with summoned three headed dog Trishy - Hierophant/Archmage
Marit - Narl Human Female Ranger (Leonie) with Agnetha the Wolf as her animal companion (and sister in brought back to life shape) - Champion
(all level 10)
And our GM - Tiems (Timo)

Mitch is getting closer to the village when he sees a searing light (from the celestial) heading into his direction. Meanwhile back at the gates Marit helps Agnetha to magic fangs before she can join the fight. The Oni is also ready to help. The mechanical creatures (Golems) realise they are being targeted. One of them recognises Marit as he saw her during the attack in the first gateroom and runs at her at an unnatural speed Rage while the other runs for Agnetha. Marit and Agnetha are not fast enough to get out of the way Loss of plenty of hp… Kern sees the the Golems run away and has black tentacles raise up from the ground in order to grab them. It at least holds them in place for now.

Mitch is getting worried, he dodged the light but what is coming up ahead. He can see several horses with riders and lances riding towards the gate. He decides to turn back and warn the others. Trishy was summoned again and runs back under cover of the woods while Mitch and his nightmare race back after having taken an invisibility potion. Back at the gate Marit has been attacked by the Golems as they can just reach her. The best defence is the offence is Marit’s way of survival and she chops one of them into tiny little pieces and even slices a bit of the second one. She then takes a few steps back and beckons Agnetha to follow. One of the Golems is able to break free and steps away from the black tendrils whilst the other falls down, the damage brought upon him by them were the final drops.

The Oni sees the fight is now under control by the 9th knot, it mumbles a few words and turns invisible. The knot has no idea what it will do but keeps focussed on the remaining Golem. Kern starts targeting it with a new batch of snowballs but it is not enough to keep the Golem from almost decimating Marit yet. Only when he starts hurling a new set of snowballs it finally goes down, not a moment too soon. Mitch arrives back with the rest of the knot and warns them of the upcoming danger. It is coming quickly and that means there is no way they can get back to full health. Agnetha is bestowed a few extra heads with black teeth 5d6 damage per head and an additional d6 on all bite attacks by Kern while Mitch creates a pit for the upcoming legion. Kern casts a silent image over it, hoping they will not notice and fall down. Marit decides she had better stay out of direct combat and runs for the fortifications, using her bow from up there.
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