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Way of the Wicked - Tears of the Blessed - Session 072 - The gates are opened - Monday 4th of March 2019
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Present are:
Kern Diablus - Redstuf Gnome Male Sorcerer (Aiko) with infernal bloodline - Archmage
Mitch - Marisakis Human Male Summoner (Sebastiaan) with summoned three headed dog Trishy - Hierophant/Archmage
Marit - Narl Human Female Ranger (Leonie) with Agnetha the Wolf as her animal companion - Champion
(all level 10)
And our GM - Tiems (Timo)

Mitch spots the Oni carrying something in its arms and performing what looks like an infernal healing. It tries to pour some regular healing potion into an invisible mouth later as well. Kern, but Mitch does not know that . Meanwhile Marit made her way in with the battalion of bugbears and heads down to ground level with Agnetha following her down a stepladder. She wants to open up the gates for the troops as quickly as possible. The more of their army through the gates means a better chance at winning this fight. To get the gate opened up though she will need to get the wheels turning on both ends of the gate.

Mitch looks ahead into the distance and spots a ray of light and one of the celestials turning visible again, shortly followed by the shrill cry of a vampire which chills his heart. Mitch can only hope it is not his (ex-)wife and rushes towards the light on his nightmare. Trishy follows on foot. To get there as quickly as possible he casts haste on the three of them. While Mitch flies off, Marit jumps down the steps in the middle of a group of guards. They are taken by surprise with her and Agnetha in their midst. Marit is angered and focussed which makes her a formidable foe and before they fully realise what is going on, she has already slain six of the guards. The remaining guards attack (there is no way out of here anyway besides the ladder up) and shout “For Mitra for Talingarde!” The guard attacking Agnetha is not fast enough to hit her but the other wielding his longswords cuts Marit. Even in the middle of the fight Marit and Agnetha realise there is something mechanical watching from behind the tiny openings in one of the walls. But it is staying behind the walls for now so the fight stays contained. The Oni has finally managed to get Kern to swallow some of the healing potion and he opens up his eyes, just in time to see Mitch fly away towards a cloud of gas. He feels a lot better and decides to find the fight again, following the sounds of battle he heads down towards Marit.

As Mitch is racing ahead one of the creatures turns invisible again and Mitch is not happy having an invisible enemy. He threatens it (without actually wanting to do so nor knowing he would have the power to do so) to kill a lot of people in the village below if it does not turn visible very quickly. It is quiet for a moment until the heavens seem to open up and an unnatural light floods over Trishy, Mitch and his nightmare. The nightmare Carnithera is blinded for now while Mitch and Trishy are in quite some pain. The creature attacked them and it is still not visible to the eye to them. Mitch summons four dire bats and at the same time Trishy disappears. The bats know Mitch wants them to seek out the invisible enemy and start looking for it.

Marit is only encouraged by the attack on her and Agnetha and deals with the remaining guards within seconds. The first is perfectly split in two halves, from head to toe while the other two meet a similar fate as she disposes of them before heading to the first windlass. As she opens up the first gate the Duergar flood into the middle section where they have to wait for the second gate to be opened. They are ready, already in battle formation. The guards in the room with the other windlass can hear commotion but can’t get out as the steps have to be lowered first. They ready themselves for the inevitable battle but can’t do anything about it. Kern and the Oni have reached the bugbears that are standing near the second hatch. On Kern’s signal one of the bugbears opens the hatch and Kern releases a fireball into the enclosed room which kills 4 guards immediately. Kern feels it is like fishing in a barrel. Marit is now standing next to him, looks down at the burnt guards and drops down in this enclosed room as well. The remaining two guards are cut down quickly and Marit saves a finger for Agnetha. On top though Kern gets hit again and only because of his chaotic vitality and the Oni they can barely stay up Both at 1 hp

Mitch hopes to get the battle down to the ground and sends his nightmare Carnithera downwards. The nightmare hears a loud voice in its head, ordering it to drop Mitch but its loyalty towards Mitch is stronger than the voice. The dire bats are doing their best but can’t locate the celestial. Mitch has now set foot on the ground and summons a Babao (demon with longspear). They may not be able to see the celestial but by having the Babao cast darkness upon their surroundings they can make their way towards the village without being attacked.

Kern uses the force of his chaotic vitality once more and he has gotten a lot stronger because of it 20 hp although he is not is old self yet. Marit gets up the ladder in order to deal with the persons that almost killed Kern while Kern gets down to open up the second gate. As he is down there he also notices the mechanical creatures that are in front of the bugbears. Through the firing holes Kern shoots little white snowballs which has one of them stagger. Marit and the bugbears run outside to attack the mechanical creatures in the back.
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