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Star Trek Next Generation play using Gurps Lite - The crystal ship - Saturday 26th of January 2019

The players:

Laurens theroachman as Darius Cane, Lt. commander, doctor
LeonieNarl as T'Jayla, Vulcan science officer and helmsman, 1st officer and commander
GM Steve - qutluch

Today it is time for the scheduled check of T’Jayla’s pregnancy. She has a weird premonition about the twins but Darius looks her over and says everything all right, she had better get a good night sleep. T’Jayla heads to bed and gets some sleep but wakes up during the night, something isn’t right at all! She heads back to the medic and has him check again. This time he finds something, or is the equipment malfunctioning? There is a metabolic imbalance between the (mostly) Vulcan boy and (mostly) Human girl. Right now Darius thinks (he has not got any experience on multiracial pregnancies) the boy is taking more than his share at the expense of his twin sister. He takes a scanner for her to wear so he can keep an eye on her and the twins and injects some metabolic supplements which hopefully help solve the imbalance. Another attempt to sleep only works for a limited amount of time.

At 3 a.m. Darius is woken up for an emergency. The scanner T’Jayla is wearing is redlining apparently. They meet each other in the hallway on their way to sickbay. Instead of solving the imbalance the injections worsened the imbalance. Darius realises his knowledge is not adequate enough, they need a medic with more expertise. Perrin (Peregrin) the male Andorian nurse is called to escort the both of them in the shuttle towards the nearest station, Greystone Station with the Vulcan captain Soval commanding. Darius is tired and beaten down and does not enter the best / optimal route having the journey take three full days. He does send several messages to the station with the necessary information to hopefully treat T’Jayla’s twins to T’Mere, the Vulcan doctor on the station.

Darius checks the instruments and the autopilot, everything seems to be in order. He decides to have a small nap. Just as he lies down the proximity alert goes off which is followed shortly after by a cry for help by Perrin. As Darius and T’Jayla rush to the front they see Cardassians on the port bow. At first sight it looks like a scouting vessel (Kelvin class) flying parallel at approximately 500 meters of the hull. Instead of hailing the shuttle they just appeared. T’Jayla tries to assess the tactical panels but can’t make anything of it. Darius runs several checks to find out how it is possible the Cardassian vessel was able to get this close before a warning was issued. He discovers a residue of a cloaking field.

Darius and T’Jayla are not sure what to do, they do not have any firepower and the Cardassians still have not hailed them. They slow down a bit and see what the other vessel will do.It takes very little time before they react, the Corundum matches the shuttle’s speed again. By now they have scanned the shuttle as well. Darius has not seen a Cardassian ship with cloaking before but they must have gotten it during the cooperation with the Romulan Tal Shiar and the Obsidian order for the task force to fight during the attempted and failed pre-emptive strike against the Dominion about ten years ago.

Without warning a dampening field is surrected around the shuttle and a tractor beam locks on which makes the shuttle shake heavily and drop out of warp. The three of them are rather frustrated now as there is nothing they can do. T’Jayla tries to find a moment of inner peace and find awareness of the most imminent danger. A flash of insight reveals this is somehow connected to the Obsidian Order and they had not expected the Starfleet shuttle in this part of space. To catch the shuttle they must have performed a grave manoeuvre which requires incredible skill. The crew must be highly trained. Perrin tries to hide a ceremonial dagger on him as a four men strong boarding party enters wearing military attire, be it somewhat dishevelled. Their weapons are also a bit out of date. T’Jayla knows Perrin might attack and orders him to stand down. They are no match for them. Perrin is confused for a moment and that is enough for one of the boarding party to knock him down with the back of his gun in Perrin’s neck. Perrin goes down and T’Jayla wants to get to Perrin but she is stopped by another gun aimed at her. Darius tells her she had better try to remain calm (which is very unlikely in her current position). The guard next to T’Jayla talks into his com wrist, informing someone they have acquired the target. T’Jayla feels something tingling as she and two of the guards are transported out of the shuttle. Darius demands an explanation but gets none except for a painful scan.The result is apparently confusing as the guard scanning him has a quizzical look on his face and tells him to wait here (as if he can go anywhere…). He fiddles a bit on his padd before informing someone on board of the Corundum they also have the doctor, and the device.

T’Jayla and the guards materialise in a small but well equipped sick bay / research laboratory. T’Jayla materialises on a stasis bed underneath a forcefield and the guards are standing nearby. She struggles but a female voice warns please not to exert herself, it is very important. While straining her neck to see behind the bed T’Jayla can see an older female Cardassian in front of several displays. The equipment displays are unreadable, most of them are medical in nature but one she recognises, it is a DNA sequencer be it an older model. The Cardassian doctor gets an incoming call and is very happy with what she hears. T’Jayla can only hear this side of the conversation but apparently someone else will be coming here as well as the doctor tells them to send “him” over too.

Darius is ordered to turn around and feels the barrel of the gun in his back. The guard behind him says “two to beam up” and they appear in sick bay. The Cardassian doctor nods at the guard, indicating it is fine now. Doctor Cane she presumes? Darius says he is indeed and she introduces herself as doctor Vexa, she is very pleased to make his acquaintance. Darius notices T’Jayla being restrained and demands to know what Vexa is doing with his patient. He moves towards her but a guard stops him. Vexa tells the guard it is okay, it is quite normal doctor Cane has questions.

Vexa is exhilarated, she is on the point of a major breakthrough, unparalleled in the universe! Vexa sounds as crazy as Darius can be to T’Jayla and is really getting nervous now. Vexa picks up a hypospray and moves towards her. Darius can’t stop her and within seconds T’Jayla gets a slightly warm feeling inside. Vexa has to talk so much, it is the story of her life, she always has to convince people she is doing the right thing. Vexa picks up a Starfleet issue tricorder, dusts it off and hands it to Darius, indicating he has to scan T’Jayla himself now. Darius scans and also checks if the patch/sticker can be read by the scanner. The first thing he notices is that her situation has indeed improved, the metabolic balance has been restored through an unknown to him high energy protein.

Vexa tells him they flew by and noticed this medical “case”. T’Jayla objects, she is not a case and will not be experimented on! Her emotion are showing a lot and Darius advises her to try and meditate now, it is better for the children and for herself. Vexa is slightly awed by Darius, she regards him a genius, although considered by some controversial but she sees the truth in his research! She has scrolled through every bit of data of his research! Darius is confused until finally the penny drops, she is referring to the universe wide research on organisms which are relatively sparse on earth like the lamprey. What she noticed in his research is his looking for the common denominator between the different organisms and the effect on the lifespan of those organisms. Vexa is incredibly excited by this. Darius understands to which end she is mentioning this now but is not swayed by it, right now there are more important things at hand!

Still, what might this breakthrough be then? Vexa tells him thanks to several archaeological finds it is clear now all humanoid races have an ancestor in common. It did not have any practical applications until now! Vexa has found something incredible, she knows exactly how DNA works, the potential is enormous! She is so unbelievable close to the final product. Not just for Cardassia but for all humanoids! It would be possible to have DNA be self sustaining and degradation proof! She is only missing two enzymes in the picture, and with those words her eyes gaze towards the biobed with T’Jayla… Darius thinks her story is plausible but he does not intend to cooperate with her on that (with T’Jayla and her kids as the proverbial guinea pig) and wishes Vexa the best of luck. If she would have them both sent back to their shuttle now? Darius now knows what she is up to and with the information he had already gathered on the subject through his own research, combined with the direction her research has taken her, he might be able to find something himself. Vexa is disappointed, she hoped a genius as Darius would be willing to work with her. Darius would have loved to know the exact composition of the injections, he could have helped T’Jayla himself.

The equipment Vexa has been using is not exactly new, and the safety precautions on them are somewhat outdated as well. T’Jayla is looking for an opportunity to mess with it and peels with great effort off the patch Darius put on her and starts to fiddle with the programming. As Vexa and Darius are pretty busy talking she can do so unnoticed. First T’Jayla looks for any device in the room the patch can communicate with, and that takes time, going from one security control to the next. Darius can’t leave without T’Jayla and asks Vexa to explain the procedure she is thinking of in great detail. Vexa explains to him the answer is now lying on the biobed, the computer is already processing the required data. But it might be a good idea to shift everything into a higher gear with added metaboles. She has already implanted a controller in T’Jayla and it isn’t the first time either as that caused the imbalance. But what is the cost of one life of a child not even born, compared with eternal life!? Darius would not even consider making that comparison, Vexa has set aside her moral principles for science.

Darius’ idea of eternal life is more as in being prosperous and not having to say goodbye but Vexa is acting immoral by having persons act as guinea pigs, test subjects without their consent, even actively protesting against it, disregarding their opinions and wishes. As Vulcans are so fond of saying, the needs of the many outway the needs of the few. Vexa addresses the issue of the mishaps in human history, the experiments they have conducted themselves. They had a wonderful result, huge progress was made because of them. The atomic bomb ended a terrible war. And now, her discovery can end everything! The most interesting rumor Vexa heard was it only took one single human to do what was necessary to win a destructive war (she is referring to the virus Odo carried). It was engineered by humans (Section 31) and they almost murdered an entire race. Will Darius help her now or not?! Darius has doubts but does not want to help if it means it might damage another human being. Vexa is visibly disappointed but she understands him, he wants to keep the credits to himself. She calls one of the guards to send Darius back to the shuttle.

As Darius materialises in the shuttle again he sees Perrin the Andorian has regained consciousness. One of the Cardassian guards is quite bored. It is not that exciting in a powered down shuttle and they haven’t eaten yet either. Darius offers to replicate them something and they are swayed by the offer. He replicates a dish with eggs, cheese and a little narcotic. One of the Cardassians keeps an eye on him but with a little distraction Darius is able to produce the desired dish including narcotic.

Meanwhile T’Jayla finally got a hold of a device and turns the gas chromatograph off. She does not feel that good as Vexa gave her another injection to increase the imbalance. As Vexa is laying down several tools for surgery the chromatograph goes off with a “ping”. She looks back, it is older equipment after all, she fiddles a bit with it and turns it on again. Vexa moves towards the biobed and as Vexa gets close, T’Jayla uses the connection via the patch to turn if off again. Vexa gets vexed and warns the chromatograph not to try it again, or she will buy a new one! This sequence repeats itself several times, everything to keep Vexa from operating on T’Jayla. As Vexa is busy with the device, dismantling it even as she is incredibly annoyed with the thing, T’Jayla has a few moments for a more focussed search and starts to turn on the recycler.

In the shuttle one of the Cardassian indeed falls asleep, it is the highest in rank of the two. The other one is actually pleased with that because it makes him the commanding officer now. Darius motions to Perrin to go for the last Cardassian at the same time but as they jump at him Perrin gets a kick against the head and feels dazed while Darius quickly searches for their medical stash. Perrin hits back and the Cardassian goes down after Darius uses a hypospray on him. Perrin will survive the kick, no problem. Darius ties up both Cardassians with tie wraps and takes away their pistols.

On board of the Cardassian vessel T’Jayla got Vexa into a frenzy, attacking the recycler with a butcher’s saw. She whacks on one of the power lines and sparks fly everywhere, the lights go on and off and than a big bang and the forcefield around the biobed disappears. Vexa has gone crazy and rushes towards T’Jayla. There is a slight opening near her stomach which is just enough to get one of her hands up, trying to grab Vexa’s hands and turn the forcefield back on which burns both of them but Vexa had both her hands in. They have severe burns but for Vexa it is enough to knock her out and the device she was holding is lying next to T’Jayla pulses and it resonates badly in her.

Darius and Perrin beam themselves up to the Cardassian ship by locating the patch. An intruder alert goes off and Perrin has him guard the door. Vexa is coming to and Darius warns her, what has she done! The game is over, she will help him now fix this and then her punishment might be less. T’Jayla is freed from the biobed. The ship’s computers start a countdown for self destruct, and whatever they try it does not work. Even Vexa can’t stop it as her command codes have been disabled and her voice pattern is not recognised anymore. Eventually they get contact with the rest of the ship, the guards tell them they have control of the shuttle. Darius has Vexa tell lieutenant Gor and the guards to stand down. At first he does not reply but eventually replies. They have not been paid yet and the ship is crippled, old bat! They will take the Federation ship and leave, it will fetch them a good price. It seems they were only mercenaries and Vexa has no authority over them.

Darius and T’Jayla think it is best to let them go, if they can get the command codes up and running again of the Cardassian vessel they can at least get home. Darius is a bit distracted by all the date Vexa has collected but eventually remembers to give T’Jayla twice the antidote and her metabolism finally stabilises. It takes at least half an hour before they can get the ship accessible but they can already send a message to the Lakota and after about 5 hours they get back. Darius writes a report about what happened, severely edited. Nechayev gets back to him on it, she is glad they are back and Vexa will be sent to trial. It is however a really bad thing they lost the shuttle, this might cause a lot of serious problems...

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