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Subject: Dark Curtains - Sessions 46 & 47 rss

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Session 46 & 47 - Time & Information is Precious

Campaign's Master List: Dark Curtains

Previous Session: Sessions 43, 44, & 45
Next Session: TBD

Game System: Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition)

Setting: Forgotten Realms

RPG Items Referenced
Volo's Guide to the North
The Grand History of the Realms
The North: Guide to The Savage Frontier
The Rise of Tiamat
Princes of the Apocalypse

Mervyn Lumendyne
Mira Armstrong
Ruvar Wildtoe
Male Rock Gnome
Female Human
Female Half Elf
Male Human
Non-binary Fey
Male Tiefling
Classes & Levels
Wizard 11
Battlemaster 8, Warlock 3
Rogue 10
Druid 10
Warlock 10
Monk 9 *ABSENT*

Significant NPCs

Varram the White - A dwarf leader, wearer of purple, within the cult of the dragon. Captured by the Ordinary Paradox.

Prince Alagrathas - Prince of the Misty Forest, son of King Melandrach.

Delaan Winterhound - The representative of the Emerald Enclave to the Council.

Elrathan Laremion - Eimhear's reclusive father, lives in the Misty Forest.

Galin - Newly anointed folk hero and leader of Altand.

Thus Continues the Adventure...

What To Do About Prisoners - Morning - Eleasis 29th, 1373 DR, The Year of Rogue Dragons

With Varram tossed aside, unconscious, the group discussed the dwarf's future. Mira was given assurances that she would have her time with him, but they had to first get the information from the highest ranked prisoner the group has yet to capture.

Mira was on a knife's edge, wanting to be done with it all so she could fulfill her deal with the little imp.

When Varram woke from minor healing from Ruvar he first assumed that the group were members of the cult and had rescued him from the yaun-ti. They leaned into his false assumption and told him that they were sent by Talis. A cult leader they had met earlier in the year, but left alive. This news changed Varram's opinion of his situation. The group made a mistake in not considering the political landscape of the cult. Talis was a Varram's rival.

"Get it over with and kill me now.", the sour dwarf voiced weakly.

They began asking the exhausted and wounded dwarf about his mission to Diderius tomb. He responded begrudgingly that he was successful in locating his lost mask. The group excitedly asked him of its location.

Varram's skepticism of the group grew. His suspicions were confirmed once he took note of Mira, whom had Hazirawn strapped to her back. The unique blade gave him all he needed to know, and call upon the group by their name. They attempted to deny the truth, but Varram emphasized his claim by telling them that they had become well known among the cult's leadership.

With this information he found hope in a solution to his predicament. In exchange for being handed over to their benefactors, he would hand over all the information he had on the cult. He thought he'd get a better deal based on his exchange of information. The group demanded that he hand over his information immediately, but he refused making it clear that given their reputation he felt safer being handed over to the authorities first.

Nutmeg forced her will upon the dwarf, making him a friend. She offered to help him, but she needed him to help her. "Where is the mask?".

He explains that it had been stolen by an elven Zhentarim agent named Nilith.

The name peaked Mervyn and Mira's interest, they had traveled with the Nilith just a couple of months ago when they stormed Skyreach Castle. The dwarf went on to explain that she had been captured and the mask returned to the Well of Dragons. Talis has likely been named the White Wyrmspeaker, and bares the White Dragon Mask.

Nutmeg's spell didn't last long as the dwarf suddenly turns vicious, "You horrible creature! Damn you!", he screamed at the retreating fey. "I have much more information!", he pleaded, attempting to salvage his prospects at seeing tomorrow's rising sun.

Mervyn took the position that the dwarf needed to be taken to the Harpers. All but Mira agreed. Mira restated her claim that she needed to kill the dwarf to settle a deal she had made. This reasoning did not sit well with Mervyn, as he stated the mission was more important.

Eimhear informed the group that she had received a message from Delaan, the representative of the Emerald Enclave. He requested that she report to The Misty Forest. The cults attacks have stopped and they are wanting to investigate.

The debate went on as to what to do next, with it eventually settling on returning to Waterdeep. They would hand over Varram to the authorities, working a deal to allow Mira to settle her claim. Then obtaining mounts they would rush off to The Misty Forest.

With a course set and wanting to avoid further debate Mervyn began casting his Circle of Teleportation, rushing everyone to gather around him.

Mira hoisted their prisoner over her shoulder and made for the forming portal. Tripping over the debris of the ruined building they had taken shelter within and rolling to break her fall. Her martial instincts saved her, but the role was careless and led to her rolling to the shoulder carrying Varram. The completed roll resulted in Hazirawn's blade "accidentally" making contact with the near dead dwarf's unprotected skin.

Holding the Bag

The group arrived within the crypt with Mervyn delivering a verbal explosion towards Thestryl Mellardin, the circle's attending Harper wizard, "This dwarf needs to be raised!"

Thestryl knew this gnome, she had filed a complaint earlier in the month in response to his reckless behavior of bringing untrusted individuals to her circle unannounced. She didn't care for him much, and here he was with a dead body and shouting. Flummoxed, "I cant do that, I'm a wizard!" She managed to gasp out.

Ruvar rushed to Varram's side and quickly surmised that the prisoner was beyond his healing abilities, as Mira repeatedly stated convincingly, "I'm sorry! It was a mistake!"

"Get help!", Mervyn shouted at the stunned wizard. She exited the crypt by way of the hidden stairs to enter Waterdeep's City of the Dead.

Mervyn's anger was next leveled towards Mira, ignoring her "performance" as he saw the situation, "How very convenient!" The argument went on for a few minutes before the Harper wizard returned.

Mervyn looked at the wizard's arrival with confusion , "Did you get help?"

"I sent for Rydell Loom, I'm responsible for this place." She stated with annoyance in an attempt to reinstate her control over her domain.

With her announcement the group suddenly started to make their plans for departure. Eimhear and Nutmeg would return to the leather worker to pickup Eimhear's fitted White Dragon hide armor. Ruvar and Mira would obtain horses, allowing them to depart directly for The Misty Forest. Mervyn was left to catch up with a mount provided by the Harpers.

Within a few minutes Mervyn found himself standing next to the deceased Varram, with only the disapproving looks of Thestryl. He was left to deliver their report to the Harpers.

About a half hour passed before Rydell and Remallia Haventree arrived, shocked and disappointed by the news of Varram's death. Mervyn explained the circumstances around his death. They discussed the situation surrounding Mira and her sword. They revealed that they have been investigating Hazirawn's background.

They have found that the sword's history goes back several hundred years, as the blade were made by the Netherese. A human empire that collapsed before Waterdeep was a village. They found that the sword was once owned by a lord of the north. The lord was known as a tyrant, subjecting his people to harsh punishments to include execution. The punishments were delivered by the lord himself using Hazirawn during his roll of executioner.

After their story another wizard the Harpers had sent for arrived. They called upon a fragment of Varram's spirit casting speak with the dead. The information garnered from the fragment was vague, but it included that the ceremony to free Tiamat was to be finished before the year's end.

The trio of Harpers continued their discussion of the situation. Remallia was having a difficult time forming an alliance among the council. All of the factions had their concerns over the success of sending an army to the Well to thwart the Cult. It will take three months to move an army from Waterdeep to the Well, and with the given day, time is almost out. They need Mervyn and the group to keep in mind the goals of the various alliance members.

Moving Pieces - Eleasis 29th to Eleint 3rd

The group all accomplished their tasks, and Nutmeg managed to tack on an additional trip to acquire an uncut opal. The payment for a deal she has been working on. Eimhear loved her newly acquired Dragon Hide armor, and Mira and Ruvar sat for drinks waiting upon the other two to return from their errands.

The group encountered Mervyn before they departed the city, and road hard towards The Misty Forest. They found that the roads were filled with refugees coming from the south seeking refuge from the growing conflict. Eimhear looked at the caravans with the eye on their potential.

She approached some able bodied trio of young adults, making them an offer for them to join their group as they sought to hunt a dragon. The Ordinary Paradox argued over the use of their time, and how the refugees were not suitable to join them in their hunt. The argument became a bit of a scene drawing the eyes and ears of people as they passed.

The trio turned out to be farm folk and couldn't find agreement with whether to join the adventurers. The scene brought on the attention of two mercenaries as they made their way north on the road. They heard Eimhear's offer, and agreed to join the group in exchange for an even share of the treasure.

That night the mercenaries revealed themselves as assassins working for the Cult. They thought themselves lucky to happen upon the group. Mira killed the assassin that attacked her, while the other surrendered. The group negotiated his escape in exchange for information, along with the sack of Harbor Moons that were the payment on bounties the assassins had collected in Baldur's Gate. The merc also gave up information on the true location of the Well of Dragons, that it was a deep pit within the Underdark beneath the dormant caldera. It was the main lava chamber of the volcano but it empty eons ago and since became a sacred burial place for dragons.

Traitors in the Mist - Eleint 4th

Arriving in the elven town of Olsa Unarith, they meet Prince Alagrathas. He asked that they investigate the partial victory in the village of Altand. It is a village in the southern woods, where the cult has been actively attacking villages, leaving few alive in their raids. The far southern reaches of the Forest have long been surrendered to the orcs and other uncivilized humanoids that have raided down form High Moor.

Eimhear was tasked by the Prince to lead a company of scouts into the southern woods as a hunt group.

OOC The player for Eimhear was to miss this session, and I had a major plot element to be revealed to the player, so I chose to have the character

The elves are concerned as their efforts to ambush and counter attack the cult has been thwarted by the cults ability to disappear into the woods. They feel that there is a traitor that has revealed the secrets of the elves to the raiders.

Altand is the first village that has survived the cult's attacks. Since that battle, the cult hasn't attacked any new villages. The prince was still mustering more elven units to send south and hopefully finally secure the Forest.

Departing immediately for the village they arrive as night comes on the following day. They meet the villages new leader, Galin. Talk within the village was that he faced off with the green dragon just before the cult forces retreated. While many villagers died in the attack, including Galin‘ wife. He was found in his home, still mourning his loss.

Collectively the group had firm doubts that this elven hunter faced off against the green dragon. Their questions were taken as an insult and Galin politely excused them from his home. As they left Mervyn cast detect thoughts and caught Galin concern over the groups questions and plans to venture into the woods later that night.

Ruvar and Nutmeg secretly followed Galin into the Forest and discovered that he went to a large glade, waiting to meet someone that never came. Following him back, they reported to the others. With this they again confronted Galin before dawn, where he again attempted to deny their accusations. In time and with magic the group coaxed him to admit his guilt.

Ever since the attack on his village he has agreed to inform the cult of the movements of the defensive elven troops. He entered into this agreement with an elf that was leading the cult and used the dragon as a flying mount. His motive was an attempt to save his village from further attacks. From this point on, Galin was defeated and ashamed.

Tonight We Hunt Dragons - Eleint 5th

The following day the group planned out their next step. Settling on an attempt to ambush the dragon at the glad, the entire group set out with Galin at night.

Arriving at the glad, the group formulated a loose plan. Circle the glade in hiding and surprise the dragon and his rider with raw power. The dragon would be theirs.

A couple of hours passed, the dark night was filled with the sounds of the forest life. Someone witnessed an area of stars in the night sky disappear, the dragon had arrived. It circled the glade once, and then again at an altitude that was just above the trees.

A long wait came before Mira, up in a tree, looked back into the forest just in time to witness the dragon approaching in a dive through the forest, it's maw roared forth a gaseous plume of poison. The ambush was discovered.

An exchange of bow shots and spells verses the dragons breath and its riders own spells left Galin dying and the group moving for more cover.

The attack was over as soon as it had begun. The dragon flew off into the night.

Ruvar was able to get to and save a Galin. The ambush was a bust, the group returned to the village.

We ended the session her.

Session Notes

I'm way behind on my reports, hence why I'm stacking several sessions together.

I have been really emphasizing that time is crucial to the groups success. I'm starting to fear that they are going to run out of time. This will really mean that they will need to really step up their game and get their collective creative juices flowing. I have made a point that I'm not really wanting to run a railroad campaign, and for those that are familiar with this campaign, it has largely followed the book.

I'm not running a game where the players victory is assured, and all they need to do is to hit each of the chapters and simply survive. The results of their actions matter. The campaign does lend itself to a end scenario where its a failure. Over the past few months I've prepared myself to a run a possible future world where Tiamat creates a major shift.

The group can't take on the cult head on, I've built an army that will reside in and around the Well of Dragons. I enjoy epic ends to campaigns. The end of this portion, at the Well will be different than what is in the book.

I've decided to take a few sessions off (as I write this, being two more sessions behind in reports) in order to both catchup and work on the Well of Dragons.

Previous Session: Sessions 43, 44, & 45
Next Session: TBD
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