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Subject: Crashed on an Alien World full of Snakes rss

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Kirk Monsen
United States
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Played a three player game at a con. Here is the final map, and the story that got us there.

This story is done from memory, and not all events are in order, but this is a close approximation of what happened.

A colony ship attacked by the space pirates, The Jackles, we escaped to crash on an alien world next to an abandoned city, a field of oxygen plants nearby. Our food and equipment were scarce, but we were determined to survive.

A small group of explorers head into the city, only to find large eggs and the giant snakes that emerged from them. Defense against this new threat was needed, so construction on palisades began even though the snakes never left the city.

By the field, an strange tractor was located, and another faction felt it was important to get it working as we lacked mobility in this strange place, and could not get far from the fields.

A lone Jackle, wandered into the settlement. We did not know where he came from, and people clamored for his imprisonment. A rough cell was built, but he disappeared before its completion, angering many.

A few children were part of the colony, passing the day collection oxygen flowers and bringing them back. A young lad named Bob did not return from one trip, raising cries of more defenses needed.

In the distance a ship was seen. It looked like it could be one of the Jackles. Having finally repaired the tractor an angry colonist stole it with intent of using to to destroy the Jackle ship.

In the distance a double moon was seen over a mountain range causing an eclipse. It was also at this time reported all the snakes had vanished. Dark omens were afoot.

The tractor did not get far, only a third of the way to the mysterious ship when it fell into a chasm, possibly caused by the snakes.

Bob's parents, feeling the colony was not doing enough, started their own search party for the missing child. As they were prominent engineers, this slowed down defense construction. A search party went out, not finding bob, but finding the remains of his parents in a cave in the chasm with a snake. The tractor was going to be driven into the entrance to seal it, but the snake fled as soon as the machine was started up. It was not the eclipse, but the vehicle that scared them.

In the distance, a small group of marauders were spotted leaving the ship and heading towards the colony.

Trying to find anything to use as a weapon, it was discovered the egg shells of the snakes were strong, but dissolved in even the slightest amount of acid. Experimenting on using it in building materials began.

In the night, the lone Jackle appeared destroying our efforts on building with the egg shells. The marauding Jackles show up, stealing all other egg shells we had, and returned to their ship. We don't know who did it, but the lone Jackle was caught, killed, and strung up as a warning to any approaching Jackles that they are not welcome.

The community was divided. A small group left to seek revenge on the jackles wielding pointy stick. Another noticing the lack of supplies head off to find vegetation. An old scientist said we should just eat the oxygen plants, but his attempt at it proved fatal.

As the revenge seekers approached the far off craft, Bob returned at the colony. He had been with the Jackles this whole time, and they had taken good care of him. Maybe they were misjudged?

Unable to call off the raid, the small group attacked, to abysmal results. The jackles were better equipped and prepared. The few that returned were injured.

Food was brought back. Was it a plant? An animal? further studies showed it was edible solving that need.

Winter's fast approach brought a need for shelter. A troop went into the city for building materials, but it was unsafe, and some buildings collapse. The ruckus stirred up the snakes, and they filled through the city, overrunning our colony. They were the Frost Shepards we feared.
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