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Way of the Wicked - Tears of the Blessed - Session 071 - Storming the Citadel - Monday 4th of February 2019
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Present are:
Kern Diablus - Redstuf Gnome Male Sorcerer with infernal bloodline - Archmage (Aiko) (botted this session)
Mitch - Marisakis Human Male Summoner (Sebastiaan) with summoned three headed dog Trishy - Hierophant/Archmage (not actually present, just moved around by other players/gm)
Marit - Narl Human Female Ranger (Leonie) with Agnetha the Wolf as her animal companion (all level 10) - Champion
And our GM - Tiems (Timo)

Knot 9 2.0 after losing one party member, attack on the gates towards Sanctum

Okkie helps out Kern, Mitch and Marit by giving them some potions to stay undetected, at least for a while. The Oni and Kern fly up into the air and see a shimmer of movement in the distance which could be one or two of the bugbears approaching. At the gate itself they see two guards patrolling on the wall. Somewhere on the level directly above the gate a door opens and closes in the tower. Oni and Kern quietly sneak along the guards in the tower whilst staying undetected. From there both sneak up one more level where they enter a room with an altar of Mitra and two guards close to it wearing holy symbols. Kern decides to have some fun and has the statue of Mitra glow brightly. One of the guards notices it and alerts his companion. This is not good! One of them rushes to get their captain while the other heads for the altar. Kern and the Oni follow the guard who ran out to get the captain. As the door to the captain’s quarters opens up they get in as well. The captain heads quickly for the altar first and Kern hides under the bed. Kern casts mage’s private sanctum and after ten minutes the Oni is to kill the captain.

A dark mist has come over the citadel which can be seen from outside but is not noticed on the inside. When ten minutes have passed, the Oni strikes the captain down with an enormous greatsword and as the Oni thus turns visible it causes quite a commotion, partly because the captain’s blood is splattered all around. The Oni almost killed the captain on the spot. Kern takes that moment to storm into the hallway as well casting a fireball while telling the Oni he is on fire. The fireball is enough to fell the captain / priest and as he goes down Kern hears a roar coming from upstairs. Marit, who was coming from the mountain passage to the east, directly leading up to the patrolling area of the guards, sees a gigantic beast fly off above the mist. She suspects trouble and downs a few strong potions before rushing into the citadel. The vampires meanwhile fly over the wall and head towards the village behind the citadel. Mitch sits on his nightmare and gets inside the walls as well.

The outsider roars again as he spots the bugbears and it starts to cast a spell. Kern and the Oni go after it, followed by Mitch. Marit and Agnetha attack the Lamassu when it is close enough. Marit charges and Agnetha follows closely, she is able to get a hold on a leg and rip it off. Kern shoots a fireball towards it but it does not seem to harm it and rather hurt a man standing behind the Lamassu. A second celestial dives downwards towards Kern and deals a nasty blow which has him stagger. The Oni facepalms at the level of incompetence Kern seems to be displaying and attacks in his place. Marit hits the Lamassu full on and it tries to hit her back with rays of light. Mitch finally takes the plunge into the mist and attacks as well. Kern decides to use a different tactic and attacks with snow instead of fire. It helps a bit, for just a moment as the Lamassu hits back and Kern goes down. If the Lamassu could spare the time he would do a double facepalm right here, right now.

Mitch’s mare creates a blazing hot obscuring mist which blinds and chokes one of the Lamassu’s. Marit feels a chill running through her body, a gift from Elise, healing her, and along with half of the group of bugbears she runs over the wall for the side entrance to the tower. The remaining half keeps firing arrows at the outsiders even though they are hard to see thanks to the mist and their ability to turn invisible. Still, several hit and help wound the creatures. One of the celestials turns invisible again and the Oni quickly drags Kern away from the fight as he will not survive another blow. Trishy grabs with its three heads the injured Lamnassu and each head tears of a part while the other Lamassu has finally been killed as well.
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