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Call of Cthulhu 6th edition – Play by VoIP - (Minions Book) Horror Man (5) - Stranraer - Monday 21st of January 2019

Sam Bifford as our Keeper
Viv Deezerma as Jacob Franko, bodyguard
Leonie Narl as Ivanka Druska, bodyguard and impulsive figure.

The letter Ivanka received from her friend Jeremy McFadden from college was a bit disconcerting. He had married an American girl a few years back and lived in Stranraer (U.K.) in a keeper’s cottage. When his wife Wendy her dad died there were some issues with the heritage. She inherited acres of farmland in Massachusetts. She had moved away from her dad as there were always tensions between them, mostly because he couldn’t stop blaming her for the loss of his wife who died in labour. Jeremy has asked Ivanka to come over and hopefully help. He asks her to meet him in the Bellefonte House hotel instead of at his home on a specific date and time.

Ivanka and Jacob head to Stranraer which takes them quite a bit, it is rather late when they arrive and Jeremy is already there. He looks like he has spent the night in the lodge but still got very little sleep. He is sitting at a table having a meal and Ivanka joins him. She notices Jeremy has very red eyes, probably because he has been crying a lot. She also notices several bruises and cuts on his skin. He does not each much from his meal and repeats his request for help. Something is wrong and he hopes Ivanka can find out what, if she sees things for herself it might become clearer. Ivanka motions Jacob to come to the table and introduces him to Jeremy as a friend. He is a bit taken back by the fact that there is someone else present but resigns to it quickly.

They leave the hotel and follow Jeremy along a coastal road for about half a mile towards the village of Leswalt and get to Jacob’s house. His wife is at home. She offers them some coffee and Jacob quickly goes to help her. Jacob and Wendy, mostly Wendy seem to argue a bit in the kitchen. She scolds Jacob for taking too much to being clean lately. A little while later Jacob returns with some sandwiches and puts them on the table for them. He seems to have composed himself a bit again. Only seconds later a loud noise is heard from the kitchen and as they get up to run in there they find themselves in front of a closed door with a french dressoir in front. They can push the door just a tiny bit open but it is enough to peek in. The French windows leading out of the kitchen are shattered and the curtains are blowing because of the wind blowing into the house.

Ivanka can’t get through the crack of the door and runs outside around the house towards the open French windows. The wind is getting stronger by the moment. What has happened in this kitchen? This devastation of the kitchen is not by human strength and Jeremy gives a little more information which leads to the conclusion for now his wife Wendy is no (longer) human. Jacob finds traces outside the windows which are dark green with muddy patches and a few slimy hairs leading towards the door. The mirror inside has been smashed. He spots something outside and rushes towards it, running over two prints of big feet. He dives for a creature and grabs hold of a leg of a beast like creature. He does not let go. In the distance lights of an ambulance and the police are coming nearer to the mansion. The creature glares at it and now they all notice the gills around its neck. It struggles itself out of Jacob’s grasp and dives into the nearby water. A statement is made for the police and as Wendy is no more (in more than one way) a funeral is held for her later. After some more research Jacob and Ivanka find that Wendy’s dad had a fling with a woman who bore him a daughter. That woman dove into a lake in Massachusetts when she was a certain age. This was her daughter and history is repeating itself. Apparently she was (related to) a deep one and was a human hybrid who all transform upon reaching a certain age. There was nothing that could have been done to help her but at least Jeremy seems to be free of her.

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