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Mars Colony: 39 Dark - Play by VoIP - Medical testing on political prisoners (part 1 of 2)- 30th of October 2018

Kai as the oppressive regime Nemesis13
Leonie Narl as Lane Novak, leader of 39 Dark (Pussy Riot, Ukrainian revolution)
NPC’s: Noah Miller (friend), Miran Novak (Father, wikileaks/occupy wallstreet), Jethro (engineer and boyfriend)

Second attempt at this game! The game is divided into scenes which can be personal, oppressive (Kai) or progressive (me). In total there will be 9 scenes. There are 3 levels of action, civil protest, civil disobedience and violent uprising. Each has a certain amount of d6’s to roll and with 80 points the goal is reached. There are drawbacks to it though. Every “1” makes the action a failure and I would lose all points accumulated that turn unless I step up the level of action. I could ignore a “1” but then I would shift from loyal towards treasonous. And at “5” I would be caught and executed.

The colony has about 20.000 inhabitants. There is an oppressive regime with Terran interest. During 39 minutes it is out of contact with Earth and Mars is then 39 minutes dark on earth.

Personal scene. First agenda: No more (involuntarily) medical testing on political prisoners Lane is working at the assembly line of a steel factory. It has been three days since they took Kamil away, a co-worker. Out of the blue, during a break four men came in in riot gear and arrested him, without explanation they dragged him away. He complied without objection. No one has heard from him since. On the electronic black board of the company a notification appears. Kamil has died as a result of medical complications. The foreman is there when Lane sees the message. It is an open secret they are testing on political prisoners and Lane suspects Kamil was a political prisoner. Kamil was quiet, did not talk much but he could be relied upon. Everyone knows what happened to him. Lane is not happy. The foreman walks towards the group and tells them they have five minutes to mourn, then it is back to work. Lane looks in disbelief, is he serious? The foreman looks at her, does it look like he is joking? She mocks him, with a head like his… What has gotten into her? She says she is mourning. He tells her to do it quietly. It looks like she is done mourning, it is time to get back to work. Lane says she has still three minutes left. He tells her mourning is over. She has ten seconds to get back to work or he reports her with upper management. She grudgingly goes back to work. Cold, distant. Lower and upper management are in on this.

Progress scene. Lane is spreading the word at work, keeps talking about how everyone can be taken at any moment. Upper management does not protect us against those incursions. She puts up posters everywhere, flyers on tables, remembering Kamil, starting it slowly with a civil protest. Management does not listen at all, they remove the flyers, even minutes after she put them up. A cleaning crew must be right on her heels to take them away right after she put them up. That angers her and she gets up to the office of HR with a small group. The HR manager Amelia Sung gets up as Lane storms her office. She tries to calm Lane down, what is going on? Lane tells her they have taken Kamil, have killed him and took him away from under their noses. Amelia thinks this is not the place to discuss this, this is not a savagery. Lane wants to deal with this right now, right here. Amelia will have to take this up with higher management, the people at the workfloor need protection from these incursions! Amelia sympathises but says there is little the company can do. They are a private company. If the police decide to arrest someone, the company can’t do anything about that. Especially as they did have a warrant for Kamil. Lane asks what the company will do if they show up tomorrow with 50 warrants for 50 of their workers? Amelia has that gentle, understanding but also condescending smile, it would be unfortunate, the company would need to hire new workers.

She offers Lane coffee and a cookie. Lane tells her she does not need a drink, she needs to feel safe on the workfloor. Amelia tells her if she does not do anything bad, she can feel perfectly safe here. Especially when she adheres to the to safety regulations, wear your hard hat! Lane insists Kamil was a great guy. Amelia is not part of the police department, if they show her a warrant, she lets them handle things. Lane is almost fuming and Amelia offers her another cookie. She does not get why Lane Novak is getting so worked up. They have safety regulations here, health insurance and are paid handsomely. What is the problem then? Poor Kamil must have done something very, very bad. And the company will not interfere with legal proceedings. Lane should consider what would happen if the company would interfere, it would cause a complete breakdown. It is not the job of the company to interfere. They can’t put themselves above the court of law and the police force, it will cause a breakdown of colony functions. Lane thinks differently. Amelia tells her the police showed her a warrant telling Kamil was involved in revolutionary activities. Amelia is in HR of a privately owned company, it is not her job to check for proof, liability or anything else. She is terribly sorry Lane is not satisfied with the explanation but that is all she will get. Now, will that be all?
24 points gathered

Oppression scene. Early that evening a knock at Lane Novak’s door. It is a young man in a suit and tie. The suit looks way too expensive for him and very formal. He interrupts her dinner as she had just put it on the table. Can he keep it short, her dinner is getting cold. Of course he can and he hands her a business card. It says Niles Brun, representative United workers of Mars, a union rep. Fine, come in, Lane sits down to eat, Niles sits down as well without even being invited to. Her dinner looks delicious. Miss Novak… can I call you Lane? Lane tells him it is Miss Novak to him, she does not know him well enough yet. Niles says she can call him by his first name. Now… the union has heard of her altercations with Miss Sung from the steel factory. They are impressed and would like to recruit her for the union. They could use people like her… a firebrand. Someone with lots of energy and drive to change things up. That is what they see in her and what they have heard from colleagues. Would she be interested? The union is the government funded union. Lane is not so sure. What exactly are they offering? They offer her a position in the union as one of their agitators, representatives perhaps. That would be a good fit for her and her skill set. Of course she would no longer be working at the steel factory. As union representative you have to think bigger, that is what she wants right? He can hear it in the stories her coworkers told about her. Working at the assembly line is not her, she is someone way, way up. Lane asks him about the union’s stand on the medical testing? He has no clue what she is talking about. He has not heard of Kamil Jarvies, probably not a union member. Niles is not interested in him anyway. He disregards her wish and calls her by her first name. Lane tells him to get out and leave her to her dinner. He insists she had better rethink her attitude. Lane gets up and tells him to get out right now before she will break his arm. Niles walks to the door, she has such a lovely apartment. It would be a shame if she had to move out. He stands in the hallway. Is she aware who the owner of this building is? Lane wants to know if he is threatening her. He merely was asking a question. But if Lane is ever to threaten someone again, she had better make sure to follow up on that threat. Otherwise they might do the same to you, now that is a threat! Lane slams the door shut behind him.

Personal scene. Lane needs to vent and decides to visit her father who has radically different views than her but at least he will be honest. As she gets to his home he sits in a tiny rocking chair on the front porch. As he sees her he is not very kind. “Now look at what the cat dragged in.’ Usually Lane only shows up when she is in some kind of trouble again. She is not, not yet at least. She starts talking about what happened at work in the last week, with Kamil and the riot police and HR, the death notification because of medical complications. Her dad knows what that means, you can be taken from work, tested upon and end up dead later. What does Lane want to do about it? That is life in the colony. Lane can’t deal with this, it is not fair. Miran Novak knows it isn’t fair but they have to work slowly and steadily towards their goal. Miran feels they have to make it known, spread the news about these things. Yelling will get them nowhere. Lane wants drastic action but her father says that will put them in danger, they will be next in that prison and on those operation tables. Yelling does not help, she knows but this is not going to change how the police works. He tells them people need to know in such a way the government can’t deny it and they cannot close their eyes. Does he mean footage? Yes, if she can get footage of her coworker being tested upon and spread that, people will learn. The more evidence, the better. Lane thinks this has been the best and honest talk she has had with her dad in years. Miran agrees, it is because she finally is listening to his advice. For once he is finally making sense. She is the leader now, she should not be on the frontline exposing herself. She has to show 39 Dark is trying to change the colony for the better, not for personal glory! By storming into that HR office she has made herself known, they have her on their radar. Lane gets down, she feels like a bad leader. Her father says she is not a bad leader but is rushing in head first. She made a few bad decisions. It is easy to get her worked up (like her mom) and they can get her worked up, leading to worse decisions. She has to think before she acts. And keep your mouth shut for once, or twice… They head to the liquor store, Lane is buying him some whiskey.

Oppression scene. Lane gets to work the next day. As she returns from work there is a sign on her door. Two workmen stand in the hallway, talking. They turn to her, she can’t go in there. The apartment is not safe, they have found cracks in several of the supporting walls. It had to be evacuated immediately. Lane wants to get some of her items but they can’t allow it, the company will take care of it. Her apartment is on the fourth floor. She walks over to Cindy, her neighbour who is very nervous because of all those people. What is going on? Lane does not know. Can she go via her balcony to get some of her stuff? Cindy looks at her, does Lane not know they already cleared her stuff while she was at work? They told Cindy Lane was moving out. Lane needs to see this and gets to her own apartment via the balcony. There are people in her apartment with hard hats, knocking on the walls and shaking their heads.

Mister Brun is also in her apartment, he sees her, waves at her and shrugs. Niles Brun opens up the door for her. Her belongings are in her new apartment, the company and the union take care of that. No need to thank him. She was not informed as they had to act quickly and decisively. The danger was immense. She should not even be standing on this balcony without a hard hat, it is very dangerous. With that he gets inside to get her a hard hat and puts it on her head. Niles is here because he and the workmen are trained professionals but it is too dangerous for her. Her new apartment is a bit smaller than this one but it was the best they could do. Lane thinks it can’t be much then. And about that job he offered yesterday, he feels she might not want it anyway. She made her point quite clearly yesterday. Or is he mistaken? Lane wants to keep things open and tells him he might be. He will give her some time to think this over. She can call him in three days to give him her decision. He hands her a key with an address on a small label. It is from her new apartment, he hopes it is to her liking. Does he really or is he just mocking her? When Lane gets to her new home she notices is, it is a one-room apartment of 30 square meters. Her stuff is piled up to the ceiling. They did assemble her bed though and the other furniture as much as could fit in here. There is a note on a small kitchen table from Niles with the best wishes from him. Believe it or not there are also some flowers on the bar. Keeping up appearances, totally fake.

Progress scene. After work the next day Lane Novak heads for Jethro where Noah (Lane’s boyfriend and also old time friend of Noah) is present as well. She vents for a good thirty minutes while Noah and Jethro just sit quietly and listen and watch. They know better than to interrupt her. Then Jethro asks her if she is done. Lane looks at him and then slumps down into a chair. Yes, she is done. Noah suggests she had better work on it. She is now all powered out. Instead of yelling for thirty minutes she should be channeling that energy in a small razor thin line of energy and than strike. Lane is stressed, how do you fight the government, how to act? Jethro says she uses too many words. She talks too much, it is action, not words. As the leader of 39 Dark she has to act. Fine, they need to hack the security system and get the footage. Jethro is rather negative, they don’t even know if the footage exists. Does she want to break into the computer systems and look for something they might not even have? Lane asks him if he knows anyone inside the compound that may know, a doctor, a nurse, a security guard? Anyone at all within the compound? Jethro and Noah don’t know anyone. Civil disobedience Lane looks for someone to hack the computers. Plus 15 points It will take a lot of time. She looks for another hacker and has them work together. Plus another 15 points. When they get there they find actual footage of these experiments. Kamil strapped to a table, they are injecting something. Some moments later an alarm goes off and doctors look at Kamil. They try to save him but it is all very calm, they are definitely not giving it their all. When Kamil flatlines they just stop trying and only look slightly bummed before walking off and leaving him on the table.

Lane makes sure this footage is saved in at least five different places and then send it from an anonymous and new account to all the radio-, TV stations, newspapers and on the web. She is getting it out there. At first the media outlets ignore it, try to sweep it under the rug. But as it hits the internet, it goes viral. The media outlets, who are government controlled, at some point can no longer ignore it. Now they try and spin it as a tragic accident with the doctors giving it their all. You can’t see how Kamil got on the table. There is even an interview with one of the doctors, saying Kamil collapsed during an interrogation. The drug administered was just a pain killer as he had been thrashing violently… It is all very tragic, always a shame when this happens. But people aren’t buying it fully, there is unrest. More than 40 points, second agenda added: Get a media outlet without government control.

Oppression scene As Lane is heading to work (her commute is a lot longer, at least half an hour now) from her new apartment she is often almost alone in the train. The neighbourhood she now lives in has almost no one working at the steel factory. This morning someone is sitting opposite her and greets her. He starts a conversation with small talk and eventually asks if she is Lane Novak. She might be, who wants to know? He is Garty Bakh, he works for the council. So why is he here in this area? He claims the council needs to get an impression of every area this council consists of. And today it is his duty and honour to be on this train ride. So, what does she feel this district has been struggling with? Lane wouldn’t know, she has only been here for one day. That is unfortunate, how did that happen? Is he serious? Well, her old apartment was not safe. Does she like her new apartment? It is about a third the size of her old apartment. What would she say he could get her old apartment back, safe of course. To be fair, that would be nice. Now, she is a smart woman, right? Lane is not so sure about that, why would she be working at the assembly line then, she is not high up in management, not at university, not making the big bugs. He thinks they can do something about that. Lane wants him to be very clear on this but he stays vague. She is smart enough to figure out what they want her to do in return. Garty gets out at a station and Lane decides to accompany him. At the very last moment he gets back in, leaving Lane on the platform and in a rush to get to work.

A guy picks her up but she still arrives half an hour late at work and she is immediately called to HR. She expects a stern notification or worse but she is greeted in a very nice way and asked how she is. She seems tired, would she like a coffee? Lane is confused, as she is already late for work shouldn’t she get to work right away and skip her lunch break? But no, Amelia would like to talk to her first. She even gets a coffee and some cookies. Now, this is her third time late in just one month and this is an issue. Management and Amelia think something should be done. Lane blames it a bit on the sudden (involuntary) move and the new commute. Anyway, they think her skills are wasted at the assembly line and offer her a new job. The company needs someone to work on a surveillance job, overlooking production while sitting in one of those glass cubicles high above the production floor. Her birdseye view of the problems in the company can be brought to good use in one of those stations. She will have long hours, from 9.30 to 21.30 but the pay will be 25% higher and she will have bonuses for working in the evening. As she fears she might be getting kicked out, Lane agrees. And they will get her some help for a new apartment. Another overseer escorts her to one of those glass stations and only now she gets an idea of what they did. She has to stay here for 12 hours without anyone to talk to, they separated her from her coworkers. The meetings from 39 Dark will have to be scheduled differently. And who knows, maybe she can see other things that go wrong within the company from here.

Personal scene After that long day Lane gets home in her new and tiny apartment and Jethro shows up. She kind of hopes he will ask her to move in with him again (she has been holding back on that). He works at one of the terraforming stations and is therefore partially connected to the government, at least working for them. But he is part of 39 Dark. Jethro knocks on her door and she opens up for him. Wow, this is a step down. Yes, and at work quite a step up. She got up quite literally, about 30 meters high. Jethro asks what happened and Lane thinks she stepped on some toes. But she can deal with it. Jethro thinks her father maybe right. For once she agrees and that is a surprise to him. Jokingly he asks who she is and what she did with Lane? Lane explains she realises what she has been doing has not been helping the movement and that she had to do things differently. Jethro thinks she has been helping the movement, of course they have to be careful and try not to over expose themselves but 39 Dark should not be a faceless group. The police and the government are faceless organisations but 39 Dark needs its own face and Jethro feels it should be her, they need someone to relate to, someone who says they need change. People need to like that person and be able to get behind her and her message, to agree with her. Lane is not so sure, they are not big enough yet and she doesn't want her actions to have repercussions for the movement. She already stepped on some toes and this happened. But Jethro says it will be easier to shut her down if she stays hidden, but if she is the public face of a movement that works to the betterment of the colonists’ lives… if she still stays loyal to the people and to the colony she can’t disappear easily as there will be a public outcry. Get out there, show your face but make sure to appear to not be evil. And if Jethro can support her that could help as well as he is part of the government, but he can’t be the face. Lane agrees, just as long as he stays careful. She will think about it. Jethro is happy with that because at this speed things are not getting accomplished fast enough. The video they found was real and that achieved what they want, now they need a new approach. According to their lists none have disappeared since the Kamil-incident, before that there were 675 political prisoners or people that the government considers to be political prisoners. Lane asks Jethro to find out if any of them have been released, they could have information. But approaching them could get them into much more trouble. And they could be bugged perhaps. As he leaves he asks her again to think about being the face. She will. Jethro asks her to get out and look at that park nearby. Outside he asks her if she has checked behind all those boxes? Well no, she didn’t have time. Then she realizes the apartment might be bugged. Well, that’s crap… the government now knows... and they know about Jethro as well. What a stupid mistake!

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