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Whoever the five of you are who nominated me for Citizen Recognition I am truly touched
So I played his pathfinder society adventure. I don't get to play pathfinder that much as a player, but sometimes the stars align and I can attend a Pathfinder Society games. Because it's always good to see things from the other side of the table. So I have played this scenario and am writing a review. I haven't read the scenario, so this will be exceptionally spoiler laden. One unspoiler sentence for those of you considering playing this - 'Reasonable adventure. Not particularly difficult. Good options for non combat orientated characters'

The adventure (like most PFS) has some set scenes. The quest is given (locate a missing Pathfinder), the players arrive at the camp where he was last seen and have a skill challenge (sort of), then three combats, then the conclusion. Due to time restrictions this the path you will follow(or find). Which for a 3 hour scenario is sort of expected, it's jut a question of how well this all holds together.

One comment I really want to make is that monsters from Bestiary 3make a large appearance. I'm sure three of the monsters were from there.

The setting of the adventure is the sweltering jungle (replete with Fortitude saves against exhaustion) As someone who has lived in the tropics the descriptions were good, with the only missing thing being the afternoon rains.

After the quest is given the adventure shifts to an outpost encampment. Where the party is put on trial by the commander. An Apsis agent is there (obviously being set up for a later adventure). This is a skill challenge. But it flows quite organically (or the DM made it flow that way) with each player having to demonstrate as to why they would be safe in the jungle. The DM didn't have to instruct as to the types of checks required but we all clearly passed. This lead to the location of where the missing pathfinder was heading, and strict instructions not to kill the kobolds as it would create a power vacuum. And a hint that an expedition up that way had gone missing.

Then its off on the trail, fortitude saves three times a day. This starts off formulaic, camp with monster (and clue). Cheetah attack. Cliff. Then we get to a clearing, which has an obvious monster (but also a trap in the way of a plant). Identifying the trap enables the encounter to be bypassed.

Next up is a trapped bridge which if the trap is sprung combat happens. We weren't as successful here but solved the problem in combat.

Then we come to the kobold encampment. By this stage we are aware of a 'golden guardian' and the Kobolds have captures the missing persons from base camp and are preparing to sacrifice them. We took a diplomatic approach, and got the bag of the missing pathfinder. Assuming the Kobolds were relating to a Gold dragon we left the sacrifices there guessing from the intro that not fighting the kobolds was more important than rescuing the survivors.

After we opened the bag it turns out that the Kobold's were worshiping a dragon, but rather a construct. And from our pathfinder sheets postgame we realise that its rescuing the people that is more worthwhile. Kobold slaughtering is okay. Which was a bit disappointing.

However overall the adventure was pretty good. The skill challenge felt organic. Two of the combats didn't feel forced. And the finale clearly was written to be approachable in different ways. In terms of a challenge we were 2nd level characters and whilst the threats felt real we didn't seem to be any danger of a party wipe.
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