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Supplement: Random Rollers: Urban Waste 1

Designer: David L. Woodrum Jr.

Publisher: Fishwife Games

Urban Waste 1 is the first in a comparatively new series from Fishwife Games, the Random Rollers. The supplement is listed as having two pages but one of these pages is the cover, so the actual content is only on one page. This is standard for a lot of supplements from Fishwife Games; the content is on one page - sometimes with small text - which makes them easy to print off and keep a bunch of relevant supplements together.

This one has an introductory paragraph explaining what the supplement is for, designing a detailed random side encounter. In this supplement, although it is not explicitly stated, the encounters are suitable for a post-apocalyptic setting.

There are 5 d20 tables. These are Location, Encounter, Feature, Loot Roll A and Loot Roll B. So, where the encounter happens - 20 modern locations - is then followed by what is encountered - post-apocalyptic creatures ranging from feral dogs to mutations to military bots to almost-normal, but hostile, individuals. There is then a single feature of the location and finally two loot tables, for broad definitions of loot - in a post-apocalyptic wasteland even candy mints could have value.

The layout is simple and there is a stock photo of a nuclear explosion.

If a GM can flesh out an encounter from such a list, especially as there are no stats given, this is fairly useful. If a GM does not find such inspiring and requires more fleshed-out tables, this probably won't be useful. One downside is that each table only has 20 entries; it will not take long for things to start repeating. That's okay for locations; it's less useful for things encountered. Still, it looks useful for a few quick encounters. Longer versions of the tables would be possible.

Overall, a set of decent tables that could be combined with some game stats to generate a number of unique encounters.
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