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Subject: Confusing to me rss

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john Whyte
New Zealand
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Whoever the five of you are who nominated me for Citizen Recognition I am truly touched
This is a difficult review to write (and not just because it was a difficult adventure to read). I'm not sure how many of my comments are because I am not the target audience for the adventure? I like my adventures simple, and laid out in a manner I can follow.

At its heart this adventure is simple. There are the evil Orinsu spirits who are commiting murders. There is a red herring of a lion. There is a bandit whose job is to distract the PCs so the Orinsu can strike. But then it layers this over with complexity. The Lion is being mistaken for a Charon Fiend. The Orinsu are aware of the players and hold off their murder.

The author talks about letting the players stumble into the plot, which is a sentiment I very much agree with. He suggests drawing a timeline of where the three 'factions' (Orinsu, lion, bandits) are over the ten day period. Which is a resource I would have found helpful if provided.

I don't think the plot/setting exposition helps, and the scenes are quite verbose. Also there is one scene where the party are expected to fail all of the checks to spot the Orinsu, but it took me til the end of the section to realise this.

But that confusion aside the core of the adventure seems to work. There is some investigation. Then when the Orinsu strike again the players should put the clues together and go to the church where there is a small dungeon crawl. I'd expect 2-3 sessions of adventure if running this, giving the party plenty of time to go on wild goose chases.

Production wise this is a 22 page pdf. There is some greyscale art, and aside from the cover it is all black and white. There didn't seem to be an glaring spelling errors. The stat blocks are a 'condensed 5e' type, which is serviceable but I would prefer the to hit modifier of a weapon come before (instead of after as they are) the damage of the weapon.

In conclusion I like the idea of the open ended investigation. But I found it hard, confusing reading. It took me three reads to actually understand what was going on. For that I'm not likely to run or use it.
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