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Subject: A 2 hour adventure - 3 scenes, individually not bad rss

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john Whyte
New Zealand
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Whoever the five of you are who nominated me for Citizen Recognition I am truly touched
Continuing through our adventurer league scenarios for Tomb of Annihilation. I will be reviewing these scenarios with a view to if they are useful when considering running Tomb of Annihilation.

This is a 17 page pdf. The only art is a solitary grung. The white background and black text means that it will print well. Unusually there are no battle map sketches.

This is a two hour scenario over three scenes (plus obligatory introduction scene). The premise is finding where a poison is being made.

The first scene is trekking to a bag maker. Along the way some urchins pick the player's pockets with fishing lines. It's quite a unique way of presenting a very cliched hack. This could turn into a chase, and if it does it ends with some thugs attempting to extort money from the PCs in exchange for belongings. It's a shame the thugs aren't actually a threat. I think chase scenes in 5e are one of the better subsystems 5e has, and this is certainly something I could drop into a home game.

Then the players arrive at the bag shop, and meet a Grung who will recognize the poison and offer to guide them. The Grung is quite a cute character with some excellent lines. The actual second scene is a mudslide whilst traveling in the jungle. It's a set hazard which will make classes with Strength Saving Throws happy. And then the possibility to loose equipment. Again something you can plug into Cthult.

The third set piece is a village where the party see how the poison is created and combat happens with Yuan-Ti. This part could do with some work. The idea that the poison needs dead Yuan-Ti and dead Grungs to be created is cool. And if the party manage to organically locate this it would be better.

Here is my overarching comment - that this is very much a railroad. There aren't any real decisions, it is encounter, encounter, encounter. The player's actions in a sense don't matter. And looking at it, until the last combat there isn't any serious danger of death. So as a whole I'd hesitate the run this, but pulling out the merchant encounter and the mudslide are definitely things I could do. Oh and the Grung, the Grung is singularly cool.
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United States
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I have ran this a few times. Looking over my write ups.
One. Do run a module at cons you have not ran before.
Two. Now a snark. "THERE ON PAGE 11. IN THE RIGHT HAND BOTTOM CORNER. IN AVERAGE FONT. AFTER ALL THE INFO DUMPS ON WADUMU. AFTER ALL THE MENTIONS OF WANDERLOST! UNDER C. WE FIGHT BY NIGHT. DO WE FIND OUT THE FOLLOWING ...A GRUNG MUST DIE TO MAKE WANDERLOST.." Now I thought I read this mod thoroughly but BS BS BS something like this should have been mention before the last page. A paragraph or two before the boss fight....
3. I have ran this three times or more. I suggest moving the kids to another location. Had a lot of murderhobos try to kill kids. You can have fun with Wadumu if you throw yourself into character.
Editing has been a problem with AL modules. But I think this is the start of where important information begins to get buried.
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