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Subject: Dino racing! Zombie Dinosaurs! rss

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john Whyte
New Zealand
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Whoever the five of you are who nominated me for Citizen Recognition I am truly touched
I'm reading through the adventurer league scenarios for season 7, looking at if there is material to incorporate when I (eventually) run Tomb of Annihilation.

This is a 24 page pdf. It is listed as a 2 hour adventure. Unlike the others so far it has a colour handout that shows the dino race track superimposed on a map of the city. It is designed for characters levels 1-4 but it expects an average player level of 3.

What this is is a dino race. The dino race is a relay in four parts (one for each player). And it really is an excuse to race dinosaurs. Triceratops! Pteranodons! Plesiosaurs! All cool! The rest is window dressing.

The 'plot' is someone is fixing the races. The players get a chance to bet on earlier races (and some other races and odds are shown). Then they race. Then at the end the victor celebration is interrupted by a dino attack, which clearly then shows who was fixing the race.

A few other minor points. There is a 'common as second language' NPC with a strong accent. It feels like it could become racist very quickly. Also the adventure considers that in the bedlam of dinosaurs attacking the players may try to filch the prizes of other racers. Which is a nice touch as its definitively something players would attempt.

The module contains suggestions on how to keep the race exciting. It's a little more 'gamey' than the very cool system in the core rulebook. But its clearly designed to involve the whole table. And it is more involved. So in my mind perfect for keeping on the backburner if the players first experience at the races goes exceptionally well.
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United States
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I ran this at least twice. It is Role, Roll, Combat module. You don't need much though going into this.
Part 1.I split the race and investigation scenes up. Some one mention in my group the odds are little strange but I don't bet on the dogs since they close the greyhound track. So you may want to review book making and odds. I didn't like how the race was ran. So I collected the bets. Then chose a different color die for each dino. I would roll the dice and announce the leader. Then flip back to players to do their roleplaying. And just swap back and forth.
Part 2. I allowed the group to attack other npcs during the race. But only for the first two legs. The final leg of race can drag.
Part 3 You can drop the fight in interest of time.
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