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Subject: A better set of 1 hour adventures rss

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john Whyte
New Zealand
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Whoever the five of you are who nominated me for Citizen Recognition I am truly touched
As part of my Tomb of Annihilation craze I'm looking at the adventurer league scenarios for season 7 to see if any of them are likely to enhance the running of the hardcover book. This review of this session will take place predominantly through that lens.

This is a 42 page pdf. It is predominantly black on white, with no illustrations and simple maps. This does make it easy to print. The simplicity of the maps is a strength as it makes them easy to draw on a battlemap at the table.

The overarching piece here is the party have been asked to explore five sites for camps. (One site per faction). So right away this is pretty good as it gives me five sites to populate hexes in. Each site is meant to take about an hour, but the pdf suggests if there isn't a tight time limit 90 minutes may be a better timeframe if the players are intent on exploring. Each site has a faction specific mission, which whilst a good way to create hooks, isn't critical.

Each site has a nice box giving a 'grand overview' detailing the weather, terrain, and light. This sort of thing makes it easier to run.

One point that I think is deserving of special mention: is that in one adventure the door to the dungeon is hidden. Players who 'figure the puzzle out' find the door. Players who pass the investigation check figure it out. Players who fail the investigation roll take damage from the thorns and find the door. Fail forward! No gating of the adventure behind skill checks!

The areas themselves all have some actual choices. There is a trap/puzzle dungeon that may actually puzzle some players. We have a pair of warlocks running a deception. We have some Yua-Ti who the players can negotiate with or slaughter. Then we have one last very straight forward abandoned tomb. Unlike my review of the prior set four of these five encounters have actual choice. It's not "two combats and we're done" it presents players with a series of choices.

The better thing about them is that most of these hexes don't need a quest to visit. Players being players will stumble across most of the stuff simply by it being described in the hex. Because of that there are four good hexes of content (and one average). As such it finds a place in my 'folder of stuff to fold into Tomb'.
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