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Subject: Half Orc Barb and critical hits rss

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Steven gill
United Kingdom
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Could someone confirm the damage rolls :
1 die for the weapon, another for the critial and another for another for savage attack for three dice + modifiers.
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Dave Chua
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Yes, so when a half-orc crits with a greataxe they'd roll 3d12. 1 for base damage, 1 for the crit and 1 for savage attack.

However, if they crit with a greatsword or maul they'd roll 5d6, not 6d6. 2 for base damage, 2 for the crit and 1 for savage attack.

Hope that helps!
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John "Omega" Williams
United States
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Dave has it right.

So. damage roll + damage roll again for the crit + one of the damage rolls die rolled again for the orc feature. And another extra die if they were a level 9 barbarian.

So Longsword would be 1d8 weapon + 1d8 crit + 1d8 orc, and + 1d8 if level 9 barbarian.

Greatsword would be 2d6+2d6+1d6(+1d6)

then ad modifiers.

Same with an orc Fighter-Battle Master using a maneuver. You can roll one of the weapons dice, not the maneuvers. But the crit would roll both weapon and maneuver.
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