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Christina Kline
United States
New York
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Rocket Pig Games was founded in 2016. We specialize in providing the highest quality 3D files available for your 3D printer, whether you run a high-end resin machine or an entry-level filament printer. Our team lead has over 20 years of 3D modeling experience with expertise in environmental art and character design. For every new project we produce, we hire a small team of artists who specialize in the genre so we can support their craft and deliver the very best 3D terrain and miniature assets to you, our supporters. Thank you for believing in Rocket Pig Games and helping our small business grow. Your patronage allows us to live our dream of a family business while helping us to foster other artists to keep their dreams alive!

On September 19, 2017, Rocket Pig Games Inc. will be releasing their second Kickstarter. They will be supplementing their 3D printable modular terrain line (Tilescape) with a line of fully 3D printable miniatures, dubbed Stout Hearted Heroes. The first line of Stout Hearted Heroes “DUNGEONEERS” will boast nearly 200 miniatures and creatures for use with any fantasy setting. Along with the bountiful line of minis will be some Tilescape terrain. As always, the terrain included with this Kickstarter is fully compatible with all of the terrain produced by Rocket Pig Games; the Tilescape system is completely modular and will always work together.

This is a huge undertaking by Rocket Pig Games. They are the first company to create an extensive line of 3D printed miniatures. If their customers show an interest in this project, Rocket Pig Games will produce one to two new lines of miniatures every year. The company already is producing a new Tilescape 3D printable modular terrain set each year and will cover all genres so their customers and backers will have the opportunity to collect all of their sets, compatible with each other to create massive areas.

Some may worry that their 3D printer will not be able to print miniatures. We’ve thought of that and have taken care of it! The main obstacle to 3D printing miniatures is losing detail. The secret is to create a stylized design that will hold the detail and be bold enough and animated enough to stand out when printed with either PLA or resin. After lots of hard work and thought, Rocket Pig Games has accomplished this and has created a unique and outstanding miniature that prints beautifully on either machine and is overflowing with character and personality. We’ve created the perfect proportions to accommodate all of the details and provide the painter with a fun and detailed canvas! Once you start collecting Stout Hearted Heroes, you’ll be addicted.

Thank you again for being supporters of Rocket Pig Games. All of the files from our first Kickstarter: Tilescape DUNGEONS, are available in our store at We sincerely hope to see you at our next Kickstarter and wish you an incredible journey with your 3D printing adventures!
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