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2017 / 08 / 05
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Phaedra's Table (Region: Polemar)
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Kenmore Role Playing Society News

We now have 34 people associated with the Kenmore Roleplaying Society, 4 of us are now DMs and 2 more DMs are in training. We have arranged a bulk buy for rule books through our friendly local game store so there will finally be a decent collection of rule books between all players.

At the Session

Nick, who looks after the Dras region and also Plays Bob the Dwarf and his Giant Spider Steve, was unable to attend this session.

However, Phaedra, who usually plays Gudrid Irenmundottir, debued as a dungeon master. I created the scenario for her, connected to the orc uprising in the east of Polemar, but she adopted it as her own, adding giant goats as part of the orc repertoire.

Andras continued with Trivale, having some interesting shenanigans at his table.

Region Polemar - DM Danny

Player Characters

Ciaran played Dusk (Wood Elf, Ranger, Outlander(Guide), NN, L3)
Connor played Midnight Blue (Human, fighter, artisan (Gems & Jewelry), CN, L1)
Max played Bran Hornraven (Human, Cleric, Soldier, LN, L4)
Naysan played Not-a Hobbit (Halfling, Barbarian, Sailor, CN, L1)
Peter played Francis (Lightfoot Halfling, Fighter, Guild Artisan, NN, L2)
Tom played John (Human, Fighter, Urchin, CG, 1)

Rumours and Between Sessions

Dusk's stinging thorn vines are starting to grow, as are the ones in Bob's Giant Spider Ranch. They will accelerate when Spring arrives.

Dusk also continues to feed Scarlet, the white wyrmling, although it seems she has found some goblins to feed on from time to time and is getting a little round.

Not-a Hobbit has struck up a friendship with Master Frep Draywagon at the Quiet Glen. He has found a secret place to plant the Blight seeds he has (much to the annoyance of the other players) and is paying an elvish druid to tend them.

Midnight Blue has become known to Lord Binare's Master of Commerce Revo Malcormant (Sage – Human LE)

Bran Hornraven has looked at getting his silver head band enchanted to give the wearer increased wisdom. He estimates this will be around 2,000gp worth of crafting over many months. Dusk offers to ask the fairy Smin, to assist by providing the enchantment needed but she is still not responding to Dusk's calls. (The fairies have taken up enjoying the Druid Marcon's "special" mushrooms as a winter pass time. They will probably be more contactable in summer.)

The rumour at the axe is that the dwarves and goblins that passed through Polemar a few weeks ago are responsible for the orcs seen more frequently in the woods to the east. Some of the characters are aware that the Orcish Iron Throne they dragged out of the ruins is involved, and that it has somehow posessed the dwarves. Pheadra took the players that were going to deal with some of the orcs over to her table.

For months now some undesirable looking humans have been coming regularly into town and buying mining supplies. Then heading of south with them.

The thing that has grabbed my players attention is the Dwarf Dunledrel Mordicondo, who was overseeing the coal mine operation for the player charaters that are the new owners, showing up to tell them that things have gone wrong. The goblins, lead by Goblin Clunk, have disappeared into the mine. The access lift has been broken and the secondary access shaft has caved in .

The Mine Again?!

At the mine the characters meet with Lord Binare's knights and troops, who will be heading off soon, and bribe them to remain on duty at the mine. They agree but warn that if they are ordered away they will obey those orders.

The group check out the situation. The secondary tunnel has caved in. The cage has fallen down the shaft (its support chain is broken). Bran drops a glowing rock into the shaft and 40' below they see the cage is smashed and seemingly purposely broken.

Down the Shaft

Dusk tied his strong spider silk rope to the top of the shaft and began climbing down. He passed several lateral shafts, each with its own rail and occasionally a mine cart. Near the bottom he could see two shafts on either side of the entry shaft. Their entrances were blocked with wooden doors that had been crudely created and shoved into place. Each had an arrow slit in its centre and Dusk could tell there were sentries at each door.

Dusk tries to hang upside down on the rope, holding on with his legs and aiming his bow at the arrow slits. Unfortunately he slips, scatters coal debris about and drops an arrow. He manages to just hold his position on the rope 10 feet above the broken lift cage. He calls out in goblin to try and get a response. He can hear goblinish whispering behind the doors and sees some arrow tips at the arrow slits. He is not in their firing line though. He loses patience and fires an arrow into a slit, hitting something.

At this point Not-a Hobbit begins his descent down the rope, and dusk drops to the floor in the limited firing line dead zone between the doors. When Not-a Hobbit reaches the ground John begins to descend the rope. Not-a hobbit tries to talk in a friendly way to the goblins and steps out, only to be shot at by arrows from the doors. Dusk tries to kick down one door but fails.

Not-a Hobbit gets angry and charges one door, smashing at it with his great axe. It splinters to pieces, revealing a surprised goblin who fires his arrow and runs off into the dark. Dusk gives chase while John arrives at the bottom of the shaft and Midnight Blue begins his descent. Blue slips and nearly falls down the shuft and delays a bit, holding on to the rope grimly.

Not-a Hobbit attacks the second door, splitting it open a bit and taking some more arrow fire. Bran Hornraver calls a healing word down the shaft to heal Not-a's wounds. Francis begins down the rope as Midnight Blue arrives at the bottom.

Dusk realises the goblin he is chasing has climbed up into a crack in the low tunnel ceiling and follows, using two hand axes to act as claws for climbing. John fires his crossbow into the dark and hits a goblin in the head, killing it. The players take stock of the dead goblins, gathering the bodies at the foot of the entry shaft.

The Door

Francis idly decides to check the walls for secret doors and discovers a concealed door hidden behind a layer of compacted coal dust. Clearing some of the dust off he reveals a door made of steel, and covered in orc runes. He grabs the knob and feels a terrible cold grip his hand and pulls back. Not-a hobbit identifies the door as similar to the one that petrified Dusk in the nearby orc ruins, and decides this must be another entrance to that same complex.

Francis decides to grab the doorknob again and this time is petrified into stone. The others decide to use Francis as a wrench to turn the door knob by rotating the full body. This results in the door coming free and they open it to reveal a well made corridor, 8 feet tall by 6 feet wide.

In the excitement of their discovery no one seems to have noticed that Dusk has not returned yet.

Net in the Dark

Dusk has been wriggling and climbing after the retreating goblin and finds himself at the bottom of a narrow chimney going straight up about ten feet. It is pitch black and his dark vision is barely registering much here. He climbs to the top and for a moment sees a large chamber before a net is thrown over him and he is grappled by a group of goblins that beat him and tie ropes about him. He tries to argue with the goblins that their behaviour is foolish. They tell him they have a new leader now. He threatens them that the Green Dragon Jalla will be comming to get them if they don't let im go. As they start to cut away his money pouches he calls out loudly to his friends, so the goblins knock him out.


Back at the newly discovered door, Bran hears something but doesn't think much about it. He is fascinated by the corridor ahead which has an orc relief engraving on the side. An alarm that sounds a gong loudly in the corridor they all now stand in. Not-a Hobbit is carrying the glowing rock and at the edge of vision down the corridor he can see what looks like some coins floating in the middle of the corridor. They are slowly drifting toward the characters. Among the coins are some bones also floating about.

Francis recovers from being petrified and joins the group in the corridor, after wedging the door open with a rock. Not-a Hobbit throws the glowing light at the approaching coins. It makes a splitch noise and hangs in the air just a bit ahead of the coins. Then it begins drifting back toward the door as well.

Bran casts detect magic and discovers the spells on the door and the carving on the wall, but curiously the floating things have no magical aura about them at all. They are getting quite close now. Just then Midnight Blue asks "Has anyone seen Dusk?".

John, slightly unnerved by the approching cloud of silver, gold, and copper coins, mixed with bones, runs forward to grab some. He encounters a gelatinous surface and is shoved asside by it, being pressed against the wall. That's when everyone realised the danger they were in.

Bran Hornraven summoned a guiding bolt and zapped the edge of the approaching creature. Midnight Blue breathed a dragonborn lightning bolt at it to follow up on the guide lights. Then Francis fired a crossbow bolt into it, which sank into the creature to hit a gold coin, hover there and also began advancing with the coins back toward the characters. John struggled down the corridor wall, away from the door and came free from behind the gelatinous thing as it rushed the other four at the doorway (well, surged toward them).

The main party were shoved back and began attacking fiercely with everything they had. Blobs of slightly glowing gelatinous material splatted about their feet and coins and bones began to slip out to the floor. John attacked from behind with his glave and began ripping the thing to shreds in a similar fashion.

After a short while the creature is reduced to a somewhat acidic layer of jelly on the floor. The group pick through it gathering up the coins.

Now What?

We had run out of time at this point and Dusk was lost somewhere in the underdark, a jailed prisoner of goblins. The players had gained a few hundred gold worth of treasure each and they decided to set asside a share for Dusk with the idea of getting it to him if they can recover him in some future adventure.

For the next session Cieran will need a second character and he has decided he wants to make a necromancer.

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