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Subject: Polemar Open Table Adventure 25 – Trouble At Mine rss

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Danny Stevens
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Role playing since the beginning.
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2017 / 07 / 23
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Region Polemar - DM Danny

Player Characters

Ciaran played Dusk (Wood Elf, Ranger, Outlander(Guide), NN, L3)
Claire played Nylara Galaerek ([race???], Wizard, Sage, NG, L1)
Connor played Blue (Human, fighter, artisan (Gems & Jewellery), CN, L1)
Hayden played Joe (Human, Wizard, Sailor, CG, L1)
Jenny played Mahrat (Dwarf, Paladin, Noble, NG, L1)
Michael played Guthik Rockjaw (Dwarf, Cleric, Noble, NG, L1)
Naysan played Not-a Hobbit (Halfling, Barbarian, Sailor, CG, L1)
Phaedra played Gudrid Irenmundottir (Half Elf, Barbarian, Folkhero, CG, L3)

8 players is a lot. We had 23 players and 3 GMs in the room today and more newbies set to join next session. Phaedra is preparing to become a GM, as is Bailey, who usually plays in Drass at Nick's table. With 5 GMs and probably about 25 players that will be 5 players to a table, which is more comfortable. At that point we will be up against the capacity of the Library meeting room to handle more players. An interesting problem to have.

Introduce the new players to playing D&D.
1 The trouble with the Bugbears is over, Lord Binare declares “Mission Accomplished”. The evil Bugbear shaman Congus has been defeated by Lord Binare's people at the Battle of the Northern Way Station.
2 Orcs have been appearing in larger numbers in the east.
3 Something bad has happened at the Dwarvish Coal Mine to the west. No one has heard from them for a while.
4 Some dwarves from the coal mine were seen recently passing through Polemar late at night with some goblin slaves and a coal wagon covered over by a large tarpaulin. They headed east.

Off to the mines

The group head off through the snow to the coal mine, 10 miles west of Polemar. The journey is uneventful and by 11am they are at the turn off from the main road. They get to the 200 foot wide clearing in the trees. On the other side is the dead blight forest covered in green tinged snow. A sentry tower is on either side of the path up to the mine. Everything is quiet.

Dusk, Not-a Hobbit and Nylara decide to sneak across the gap, spreading out and moving low against the snow. Joe follows fifty feet behind Nylara.

A Brief Encounter

There are two goblin sentries but when I rolled for their perception I got a 1! So one sentry was asleep in one tower and the other was off digging a hole and not paying attention for a few rounds. Just as the scouts are about to reach the tree line the sentry digging a hole spots Not-a Hobbit and starts shooting arrows and giving loud squawks to wake the other sentry up. Not-a hobbit takes some losses while the sleeping sentry wakes and gets to his feet only to be pinned in a flying grapple by Dusk.

Mahrat hurls a javelin at the goblin archer but it falls short. Nylara fires an arrow that hits the tree near the goblin. Then Not-a Hobbit builds up a barbarian rage and runs up wielding his battle axe two handed and lops the Goblins head off.

Finding Out Stuff

While the main group interrogate the prisoner Dusk and Nylara sneak up to the mine compound and scout it out.

The goblin saw the Iron Throne that had been hauled out of the ruins by adventurers a while ago. It was loaded into the cart by some dwarves days ago and carted away, with five goblins helping out. The goblin leader Clug lead 20 goblins to the mine, where they found the dwarves has slaughtered one another. The group decided to extract a cart of coal and then leave before any dwarves came back. They also chopped up the dead dwarf bodies for food.

The group were disappointed that the goblins have not found any diamonds in the mine. However they untie the goblin and throw him out into the snow, telling him to run for it and not come back.


The Dwarf Dunledrel Mordicondo, who was rescued from the orc ruins a while ago, is now hiding in a dwarf made snow drift just on the edge of the mine compound. He has been watching from here, waiting for dwarvish troops to arrive, since things went wrong with the cursed iron throne.

Dusk sees the snow mound and fires an arrow into the eye hole with his super archery accuracy, aided by the bows magic. When he goes to investigate he recognises Dunledrel who is mortally wounded, and starts calling for help.

Nylara is looking down the mine shaft, where there are lanterns every 10 feet or so going down. A cage on a pulley rope is at the bottom 30 or 40 feet down. She hears Dusk calling for help and runs over, as the rest of the group also come running up the path.

Dusk tries using his cure wounds spells but he is really bad at them. Joe stabilises the dwarf and then Dusk actually heals some hit points and brings Dunledral back to consciousness.

Finding Out Some More Stuff

While Blue goes over to the mine shaft to winch up the cage, Dusk goes exploring through the compound buildings and Nylara examines the coal cart stopped near the mine shaft, the others listen to a tragic tale from Dunledral.

When the dwarves got the iron throne from the adventurers it had been the intention to melt it down for materials and destroy whatever magical properties it may have held. However Gloria Golder had heard the magic artefact in the ruins would make someone into a great warrior and powerful wizard so she sat on the throne. She and several other dwarves seemed to be changed and they attacked the other dwarves by surprise. The 5 goblins joined Gloria Golder and the other dwarves were all killed except for Dunladrel who escaped into the frozen forest.

Goblins in the Hole

Blue winds the cage up. Below some goblins try to grab it and stop it but fail. Joe sees that there is no apparent counterweight for the cage, but then uses detect magic to find a small, thimble sized one that is a magical counterweight.

Mahrat hears the goblins speaking in their own language below. One tells of a goblin called clunk for foolishly suggesting the use of flame arrows in a coal mine. Others are discussing finishing a second exit to get out.

Not-a Hobbit turns it into a negotiation about ownership rights and having a goblin work force. Guthik knows that under dwarvish law they can claim ownership of the mine as salvage rights.

After some negotiation the goblins agree to work the mine rather than to be besieged in it. They also agree to create the second exit to allow coal to be extracted faster.

Dunledral is made manager of the mines. Lord Binare agrees to supplying guards to manage the goblins for 2 weeks, but requires 5% tax on coal sales. Grumble Mertol will rent out his remaining 8 wagons, drivers and horses for 5% share.

The 8 players end up with a guaranteed 12gp each every two weeks as profit share.

This takes 2 days to wrap up. During that time Naylara is puzzling over the cart and discovers a secret panel on the underside. It has some sliding parts. Joe looks and identifies a possible poison needle trap. Then Nylara decides to use Mage Hand to open the panel and finds a bag of coins in a compartment. Joe adds his own Mage Hand and they pour out 80 platinum pieces.

Inscriptions on the panel suggest this cart belongs to Lady Immelda.


I envisaged this going differently, with a battle in the mine and all sorts of interesting things happening. The players made it all go a different way, as usual. Gudrid was a bit disappointed. No bone crushing.

Next Session (not yet available)
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