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Subject: [IC] Have you practised your maniacal laughter lately? rss

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Matias Dahlb├Ąck
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I release my anger through writing.
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Sorry! Forgot about this.

Professor Chromosome is having a bad day. He's spent a lot of time chasing away the three tiny dragons from devouring his pet rat "Mother", and then there's the added trouble of being the sole owner of the world's only tigerpotomus lizard. Seriously. Google that shit. "Niles! Where are you? NILES!?!? Damn you." he growls as he sprays some water in the general direction of the dragons. "Really, mother, try and take care of yourself for a moment, there are much afoot that I need to focus on. Now lets see..."

He looks over the itiniary for the Terrance & Philip tour and sighs. "No, this cannot be."

The professor punches at his Big Intercom and at the homes of all relevant minions his voice echo. "ATTENTION MINIONS! By now you've probably gathered that the vile Ebenezer is planning on farting us all to death through the help of those animated Canadians. CANADIANS. The filthiest of peoples. It is up to me, with the gracious help of you of course, to stop him. Time is short, and we must hurry! I will disassemble their stage using my terrifying swiss army hammer and arrange it so that it will collapse in the midst of their performance. But I need your help! Undoubtedly this... Ebenezer... has put out guards. Maybe even some sort of weird animal? Who knows. This security must be bypassed! Lest we all be farted upon.

You will be reimbursed, of course, for your loyalty and your zeal. And to show that I am not completely without a sense of humor... I have already ordered a number of Wolksvagen-sized fart cushions that are fun, wholesome and without the lethal smell so often associated with the Canadian rectum.

For freedom. For our noses! And against those Mapleleafed Maniacs..."
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