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Sam H
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ninja Conservation of ninjutsu is an RPG designed by Jacob Wood for the 48-hour RGP contest.

In this game, you are an evil emperor attempting to stop a lone hero from toppling your kingdom. The basic premise is that while a single ninja can prevail against multiple foes, the more ninjas in an army, the less strength each of these individuals have.

The adventure is played in various scenes :

The Village
The Journey
The Final Showdown

After these, depending on the outcomes, the evil emperor may have to defeat the pesky lone hero in single combat.

ninja So how does it work?

The scenes are played out using various dice. In each scene you assign how many ninja will go and fight. The more ninjas you send, the more dice you get but the less strength each die has. For example, sending 3 ninjas into combat will give you 3D12, while sending 7 will give you 7D4. This is a very clever mechanic and works well in this game. How you send your ninjas to their impending doom changes in each scene. The important thing to remember is that they are expendable, but not too expendable. If you expend them all, you will have to get your hands dirty.

At the beginning, you score hits on the hero by rolling higher than his strength. The difficulty increases as the story progresses, with the hero rolling more dice to determine his strength. The hero also becomes more deadly. In the beginning, he only deals damage to the ninjas who rolled equal to his DR, while later on he deals damage to all ninjas who rolled equal or less than him.

ninja Some thoughts and comments

The rules and adventure are clear an well-written. The layout is nice and very professional-looking. The story is humorous and doesn’t take itself too seriously. It took me about 30 minutes to read the rules and play through the game.

The only part I'm not too sure about is the single combat scene near the end. The dice mechanic makes sense when deciding how many ninjas to send against the hero, but it's not that clear in the context of using different moves of awesome power. It's a minor quibble though, and the descriptions of the moves are entertaining. Overall, the game works well.

I’m not sure there is all that much replay value, but I am tempted to try it again a couple times to see if different ninja-managing strategies change the outcome.

That, and stomping that little brat of a lone hero was fun.

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Jacob Wood
United States
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Author of Psi-punk - Coming Soon!
Thanks for the review!
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