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Mob Rules was designed by Maurice Tousignant part of the 2013 24 hour RPG contest on RPGGeek. It can be downloaded on this site.

Mob Rules is setting free. It is designed to represent the actions of mobs in nearly any environment and composed of just about any kind of members.

Character Creation
In this game, your character is your mob. It has only two stats, size and discipline. The size of your mob is represented by the number of six-sided dice you use when resolving actions. If your mob is size 5, then you roll 5 dice. If it’s size 3, you have 3 dice. The number of dice you roll can change during the course of the game depending on your actions. Doing well can increase the size of your mob and you can also lose members if things go poorly.

The other stat is discipline. Discipline ranges from 6 (the worst) to 2 (the best). When attempting a typical skill check, you need to roll over your discipline to achieve success.

Your mob should also have a description and a motivation. These two elements comprise the role-playing element of the game. A mob of space marines trying to break through enemy lines is different than a gang of peasants out to overthrow the corrupt baron.

Playing the Game
The game has a GM whose job is to roll for opposing mobs and to determine the difficulty of various tasks. The more difficult a task is, the more successes a mob must roll in order to achieve it.
The other difference from most role-playing games is that player-vs-player combat is not only permitted but expected. Part of the intent is to set up situations where the players may be playing mobs that oppose each other or which might unite to defeat a common enemy then deal with each other once they have dealt with that enemy.

It is also possible to play the game without a GM by having the players agree to the setting and the various mobs to be used. This requires cooperation on the part of the players in setting target numbers, but is a nice option.

The System
First things first, it would be inappropriate to really lambast a game someone made in 24 hours or less. I’m not going to talk about grammar, spelling etc., unless it really gets in the way of understanding the rules. Likewise, I won’t make too much ruckus about the physical presentation of the game.

The system is pretty simple, there are two kinds of rolls. A typical roll finds the player rolling the dice representing the mob against discipline. Any roll which exceeds the discipline of the mob counts as a success. If the player rolls as many successes as the GM has identified as the target, then they succeed.

The other roll is the mob vs. mob roll. In this case the two mobs roll their dice and compare their total number of successes; whichever mob has the most successes wins.

There are other rules related to the size and discipline of the mobs. If your mob succeeds at a task there is a chance that your mob will increase in size. You can also sacrifice mob members to convert a failure into a success.

Any time the size of your mob changes you make a discipline check, a good result will improve your discipline, an average one will leave it as is, and a poor result will increase your discipline (making all tasks harder).

So first things first; I love the idea of this game. Simple rules for creating your own mob and then playing them is an awesome idea. In my evaluation of the games, this was the one I was most excited to try. We played it once and I really enjoyed it, but my fellow players weren’t as certain.

I think the issue is that while the idea is awesome, some of the math is off a little. The discipline roll as written can never let your discipline go up. A mob with a discipline of 6 can’t succeed since you have to roll more than your discipline to succeed. An easy fix would be to say you had to meet or beat your discipline rather than beat it. All the issues we found are fixed this easily.

I really hope Maurice continues to work on this game. I think there is an awesome core here and with some adjustments, I think this could be a lot of fun. The idea of being able to sit down, declare your mob and play is very appealing to me and I’d love to see version 2 of the rules which corrected some of the (mostly minor) issues.
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Maurice Tousignant
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Awesome review man!

It's great you see so much promise in the game. I thought it was a really cool concept and 24 hours wasn't really enough to do it justice.

I really do plan to go back and work on this one some more. If I do I'll let you know and maybe you can help me with playtesting.
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