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RPG Item: Fantasy Wargaming: The Highest Level of All
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Book Club Edition
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Hard Cover
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300 pages
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From the front and back flaps:

Deeper dungeons
More dangerous dragons.

Whether you use a commercially packaged scenario or one of your own mind's design, whether you and your band of adventurers seek a quest - finding a hidden treasure, rescuing a damsel in distress, exploring lost cities, venturing into forbidden lands - to be really satisfying, a fantasy scenario must contain its own intrinsic and consistent logic. This can be found in some fantasy novels, but it is a great deal more challenging and more fun to design your own world. And this is what FANTASY WARGAMING enables you to do with a consistency and logic unavailable in previous books.

In FANTASY WARGAMING you enter into a realm where magic really does work, where ancient revelations unfold and provide a gateway to the Supernatural. As you devise your own adventures in this highest level for fantasy players, your cunningly logical maneuvers enable to overwhelm dangerous opponents and formidable obstacles.

Here is an invaluable guide with complete playing rules and sections on:

Monsters and magic beings
Cultures, myth, and religion
Character generation
Role Playing
Warrior tables
Motivations, and index, and more

User Comment About This Version
The front flap notes that this is a book club edition. Book club editions are noted by having less expensive bindings and lower quality paper than the original edition of the book. Usually the book is typeset specifically for the book club, possibly explaining the difference in page count between the book club edition and the tradeback already listed on the site. Being a book club edition from the early 80's, there is no ISBN number. Just a stock number.

The copyright page in the book club edition notes that Fantasy Wargaming was first published in America in 1982, presumably a self reference to this edition. The tradeback currently listed on the site is the first printing from England.