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RPG Item: Ljusblommans Mörka Blad
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Light Flower, Dark Leaf PDF
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60 pages
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From publisher blurb:

Your old captain contacts your crew - he has struck it rich. A little while ago, he just disappeared on Coriolis leaving you in a lurch, and this is the first sign of life you had from him. Well, he owes you a favour and he seems to have remembered. So, you set course for the Rimward Reach to join him and cash it in.

So it begins - an extensive scenario taking the players deep into the Rimward Reach, deep into the mysteries surrounding the Founders, and deep into the machinations on Djachroum.

This scenario is a translation of "Ljusblomman Mörka Blåd", a scenario originally created for the first edition of the game in 2010. With kind permission from Fria Ligan, I am now able to make an English language version available to you. If you wonder what lies in wait, take a look at the preview.

The story is an excellent introduction to the Rimward Reach as a campaign setting and is "fully backward compatible" with the lore as per the core rulebook. Where necessary, I adjusted information on skills test and stats to the current version of the game and have also updated / recreated the core maps.