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From publisher blurb:

This is the second out of 6 Ye Book of Tentacles tomes, a fundraiser for Tentacles over Bacharach.
The dead-tree version was published in May 1999 by The Chaos Society.


- Revised Shaman Rules
for RQ 3 by Sandy Petersen
- Spirit Cult Rules
for RQ 3 by Nick Brooke
- Watcher Spirits and Brownies
for RQ 3 by Tal Meta
- Extraordinary Magic
for RQ3 by Tal Meta
- Deities and Major Spirits of the Grazers
Gloranthan backround by Martin Laurie
- The Great Temple of Rufdayen, Raibanth
Gloranthan backround by Greg Stafford
- Amad Folktales
Gloranthan backround by Dardvall
- Paleo-Tentacles from Glorantha
Nautiloids of Glorantha by Gwendolyn Mott and Andreas Pittelkow
- The Hunting of Tar´Shyr
Gloranthan short stoy by Andrew Joelson
- The Great Sage and the Emperors
Gloranthan backround by Alex Ferguson and Greg Stafford
- The Wolf Pirates
Gloranthan backround by Jörg Baumgartner
- The first unity of Telmor and Yrr
Story by Thomas Gottschall
- Holiday Glorantha: The Man with the Golden Gun
MGF-Sun County stuff by Michael O`Brien
- How Elmal married Orlanth´s Daughter
Myth/stoy by Stephen Martin
- The Culbrea / The tribal council / The clans of the tribe / The Gwandor clan / The Marthiording clan / The clan structure
Gloranthan backround by Martin Laurie and Patrik Sandberg
- Antirius at the Hill of Gold
Myth by Stephen Martin
- Soravatoor
Gloranthan backround by Simon Bray
- Mother Power
Gloranthan MGF by Hans van Halteren
- Lore Auction 1996

- The Tuchulcha Mythos : A summary
Background by Andrew D. Gable
- Evil Things the Keeper can do to Players using Magic
by Andrew Clements
- Dark Destiny
Scanario by Andrew Hunt
- Bast and the Children of the Sphinx
by Andrew Clements

- The Duergar
Metamorphosis by Simon Bray

- The Eternal Kitchen Sink
by Lawrence Whitaker
- The Legacy of Ranyard Finn
Story by Lawrence Whitaker
- Significant TreesScenario for Elric! by Lawrence Whitaker

- The Adventure of the Reluctant Bride
Scenario by Shannon Appel

- Final Fun and More Famous Last Words
by Andrew Clements and others